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  1. Grace A

    Bacon grease....

  2. Grace A

    Compliant Pesto at WholeFoods - Seggiano

    Hi Pandora! You could likely sub some ingredients to make this a bit cheaper. You could try mostly spinach with just a bit of basil (or none at all) and a cheaper nut like almonds!
  3. Grace A

    Starting 1st of May! Tips for begginers?

    Hi there and welcome! I would try to stick to fresh foods that don't even need labels! Veggies, fruits, meats should all be safe. If you know the basics of the language, you can always check labels on nuts and seeds. If there is anything other that nuts and salt, I'd steer clear. I would also take advantage of any delivery services you might could use that use English. I hope this helps and best of luck!
  4. Grace A

    Butter or ghee

    Hi Leigh Ann! I have noticed that this often depends on the brand of ghee you have. However, it has not gone bad just because it is melted - that's very normal! Just check the expiration date. If it bothers you, I do know that Fourth and Heart ghee tends to stay solid. I don't know how they do it but it is DELICIOUS!
  5. Grace A

    May newbie

    Welcome Cyndi! We are certainly here to help and support you. I hope you will see great results and feel amazing!
  6. Grace A


    Amazing tips from kirbz! I always encourage new Whole30ers to stick to information and recipes from the Whole30 website and social media pages. Those are always reliable!
  7. Grace A

    Testing Canola oil

    Hi there! Personally, I tend to leave canola oil out of my diet as much as possible. It is known to be an inflammatory oil, so there may not be a real reason to reintroduce it! I don't worry about being exposed to it in restaurants since that is not a large part of my diet. However, if you did want to test it through reintroduction, your best bet is to buy a bottle or borrow some from a friend perhaps.
  8. Hi there! It is hard to say without completing reintroduction, but it could be. I would also watch the quantity that you are putting on your veggies as that could be the culprit. You may want to introduce very small amounts of dairy at reintroduction, or if you don't miss it leave it out all together!
  9. Grace A

    Need to do this !

    We can all fall back into old habits. It's great you have the tools to with Whole30 to get back on track!
  10. Grace A


    Primal Kitchen ketchup is indeed compliant. You always know you are safe if the Whole30 logo is on a product!
  11. Grace A

    Edit posts?

    Thanks for letting us know. I'll get this over to our team to correct!
  12. Proud of you for taking the next step! We can't wait to hear about your progress!