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  1. asharn

    Starting March 11th!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Great suggestions as well. Glad to hear that there are other anxious about all the meat eating!
  2. asharn

    Starting March 11th!

    Amazing thanks for your suggestions and guidance!!
  3. I will also be starting March 11th! This is my first time. I turn 30 this year and really have decided to take health into my own hands!!
  4. asharn

    Starting March 6 for Lent

    I am starting next Monday as well and I observe lent! Go us!!!
  5. asharn

    Starting March 11th!

    So excited to start on Monday! I'm a little anxious because I've been living a MOSTLY vegetarian diet for the last year but the Whole 30 recipes look so yummy and I stand behind the philosophy of the program. Any tips for buying meat? I really don't want to order from anywhere online but I do have a Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme nearby! Also, I'm already planning at St. Patty's day brunch with friends and we've landed on a restaurant. I'm anxious about eating out as well mainly due to the oils and such. I've included a screenshot of the menu and the 2 items I am stuck between would be the Chorizo w/ Potatoes and the Omelet (omitting the cheese). Any glaring issues? I am anxious about the chorizo mean so maybe I will call to see if there is any added sugar but with the omelet what if the oil is non-compliant. AHH!! Help!!