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    Bacon! Please Help

    If you are used to stripe bacon (American Bacon) what we do, since we can't hardly find compliant bacon where we live, is we buy sliced pork belly from Costco (you can also hit up a butcher for it and have them slice it for you there). We use salt, smoked paprika, and fresh ground black pepper to make a rub for it. Cook it up the normal way. Dunno what to tell you about Canadian bacon other than you might be able to use a pork loin sliced thin. Think you need to trim the fat off it for Canadian bacon, but can't remember off hand. Basically it's the base meat with out curing and just the Whole30 compliant ingredients you use for seasoning. We use the smoked Paprika to give it the smoked taste since we don't have a smoke set up the moment.