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  1. Napoleon

    Whole30 in Mobile?

    I have a conference for work in Mobile, AL next week. A brief review of the menus near my hotel makes me think I’m just going to have to survive on jerky I bring myself for four days. I won’t have a car, so I won’t even have easy access to a Chipotle. Is anyone familiar with the Mobile area and have any recommendations?
  2. Napoleon

    Zoe's kitchen

    I thought that the chicken kabobs were on the ZK Whole30 menu. Is that menu not accurate? My boyfriend and I are on day 4 of our first Whole30, and we were actually planning to go there for dinner tonight to get a little break from all the cooking. But I don’t want to if there’s a risk that the Whole30 menu items aren’t in compliance after all. The employee you spoke with might have been wrong, in which case you are fine and wouldn’t have to start over at all. Here’s the ZK Whole30 menu. Is this not accurate? Should we not eat there?