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  1. Total prep time: ~30 mins Potatoes prepared & cooked this way (except w/ olive oil instead of butter):, then added to sauté-ing finely chopped mushrooms & onions (cook in pan for 4-5 mins on medium heat before adding potatoes). Then added ~1/4 cup coconut flour (for funsies to see if it would add good texture; it did! But do so only if you like the taste of coconut, else perhaps try another compliant flour), then added pan fried bay scallops (I'm sure there's good instructions online, but I just winged it; ~5 mins on medium-high heat, flipping a few times). All seasoned with salt, black pepper, & red chili pepper flakes (add only if you like spice)!
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    Round 1 Done! Results for a Mid 30's guy

    Congrats!!! This is awesome to read.
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    I finished a Whole30!

    congrats!! That all sounds so great!
  4. So I am on my 6th day today, and yesterday my office had free Alfredo pasta from Olive Garden in our kitchen; it was VERY hard to resist! Ever since, I have often been thinking about that heavy Alfredo and pasta taste/mouth feel. Today, I actually luckily found it; I am eating riced cauliflower with olive oil, nutritional yeast, ground black pepper and garlic. It has successfully fulfilled my desire! I know the program doesn't necessarily promote "substitutes" and is hoping to eliminate cravings, but I just wanted to share my discovery in case it can help anyone early on in the process.