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  1. Mhairilou

    Is gluten ever Worth It?

    Thank you very much for your reply that’s very helpful. Day 31 today and I didn’t feel like reintroducing anything so it might be a case of a “when it crosses my path and seems worth it” introduction.
  2. Mhairilou

    Can you develop an allergy?

    I’d be interested to read an answer for this too as I experienced the same- dairy wasn’t an issue till I took it out and now all digestive hell breaks loose over a flat white. Sorry I don’t know the answer!
  3. I’m on day 23 of the elimination phase. I’ve done my share of whole30ing over the last 7 years but have always neglected the reintroduction. At 16, I decided gluten was an incarnation of the devil himself and am regrettably in the category of people who will liberally use the c word (celiac) in restaurants. Sorry. Having recently read Food Freedom Forever (thanks Melissa) I am determined to follow through with the thoughtful reintroduction it deserves. With all the GF options available, I haven’t touched gluten for years. I’m actually a little scared of it. Previously I attributed it to unshakeable sleepiness and intense despressive episodes, dark enough to make quitting a lifelong love for toast surprisingly straightforward. I don’t miss it, but there are some glutenous things (namely French pastries) I’ve never had that I might want to experience, if I knew they was worth it. For science, I feel that I should check if this fear is still valid. But I also really don’t want to trigger a nasty psychological response, nor would I want to regularly include gluten in my post whole30 life even if it has no effect. To reintroduce or not? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you