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  1. Here is my (rough) food log from days 1-3: Day 1 Breakfast: none (i do intermittent fasting) Lunch: Spinach salad with avocado and chicken Dinner: Salmon and Veggies Day 2 Breakfast: none Lunch: none Afternoon snack: Epic pork rinds and unsweetened coconut chips Dinner: Chicken sausage and Salad Day 3 Breakfast: none Lunch: Chia seed pudding, pork rinds, coconut chips, carrots, nut butter (i was really hungry) Dinner: Green curry beef with veggies and riced cauliflower Day 4 I'm doing a full day fast today!!!
  2. LittleMissNerdy

    Starting April 11 -- Tomorrow!!!

    Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I am Catherine and I am trying whole30 for the first time. I'm a full-time undergraduate at a tech school in Pasadena CA (any schoolmates???) and I'm trying this diet to clear my mind and find the foods that I might be intolerant to. I am also aiming for better skin and probably improve my migraines, my depression, and my anxiety. It's not gonna be smooth for me (especially when identifying whether the dining hall foods are whole30 compliant... I mean, Rosemary Chicken sounds safe but who knows about Caltech dining services...) but I'll try my best anyway!!! Starting tomorrow!!!!