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  1. working on it - made myself eat breakfast and lunch was a bit easier. many thanks for encouragement! I’m doing the “ before coffee” thing - quite the triumph for me!
  2. Help! My body is hungry but even my favorite meals are unappealing. I actually feel sickened contemplating the food before me. I read that I should force myself to eat full portions anyway or my metabolism will shut down. That feels like struggling with the Whole30 is actually hurting, not improving, my health. And since I’m on this to get healthier and heal my skewed relationship with food, eating when I’m not hungry feels like I’m not listening to my body at all. Which I’m trying hard to do more, not less. Not looking for a way out. Don’t have any desire or intention to quit. Just don’t want to mess up my body while also doing something really hard. Usually these Qs get answers like “try a new recipe!” Nope. Today I ate my very favorite meal - got no enjoyment and couldn’t finish much at all. Details: I’ve never been a big meat eater, but I’m trying hard these days. However I adore bacon - and couldn’t even finish the serving today. Even fruit isn’t tempting, though when I do have it, at least it’s better than meat. I’m not overdoing fruit.
  3. okapi

    How long do you cook ghee?

    I found a big ol’ jar of ghee at Costco. Totally worth it!