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  1. Can someone in the Whole30 office please help?!?! Ok... there's so many different types of yeast, and a million more forum boards to have to try and search through... Could this here please be a post where someone in the Whole30 Office can post a list/spreadsheet of what types of yeast are and are not okay/up to us to decide on using? pretty please?! we all know Nutritional yeast is fine... But I recently came across a ranch dressing and everything is compliant but just plain ole "yeast" is in the ingredients list and I cant find a forum post for just yeast. I also cant find a straight up "yes or no" forum that tells you if yeast extract is compliant or not. Everything when searching "yeast" is all nutritional yeast, extract, or yeast infection posts in the forum. Its getting really confusing and hard to scroll through post after post; page after page. Please and thank you!