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    Day 23 and I feel terrible

    Okay. So, in the mornings I have 2 or 3 eggs with spinach or other veggies, usually. That's around 7:45-8a. Then for lunch (every day at 12:30p) I have a big salad with mixed dark and light greens and canned chicken or tuna with carrots, olive oil dressing and avocado if I happen to have some. Sometimes I also add chickpeas in as for a while I thought perhaps that would help me feel less tired? I don't feel like they do, however, so I don't add really them anymore. For snacks I will have a banana or a handful of roasted almonds. For dinner I usually have either stirfries with various ground meat and colorful veggie mix and cauli rice, or if I don't have that I have baked chicken with veggies (a variety, anything from steamed cauliflower/broccoli/carrot mixes to roasted sweet potatoes/brussel sprouts/red onions. That's anywhere from 6-8pm.
  2. I was really excited to try this program as I suffer with chronic fatigue and always have and I thought maybe it was my diet that was causing the issues. Well, I actually feel worse than I have in years and I can barely stay awake, and I'm feeling very lightheaded and sick most of the time. I've not been counting my calories and I try to eat plenty every day but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference? I've been making sure to add in extra starchy veggies and more fat, thinking perhaps that was the issue, and again, not seen any difference. I am so confused by everyone saying they have these amazing amounts of energy as I feel absolutely terrible and I want to cry even typing this out. I don't even know if it's worth it for me to finish out the month when I feel this bad. Is this normal? Is there even a chance sticking it out the last seven days will produce a positive change? Feeling very discouraged and unsure what to try next. I've even added supplements to my daily routine and have not seen any difference (since day 2 or 3 of this diet). Suggestions?