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  1. Well, no gastro problem when I re-introduced dairy a 2nd time...but clearly have some congestion issues from dairy, so that will have to go pretty much bye bye. I think the gastro was mostly from re-introducing ANYTHING new into my system after the re-set. I can't say the diet was all that much fun, but it certainly worked for re-setting my system (I have no real desire for my evening cocktail or any need to attack the office snack cabinet), establishing priorities (I dont really need a bagel for breakfast or lots of carbs or sugar...and I will keep looking at labels) and for losing
  2. they are caused by the specific item or re-introduction in general? I got through the 30 days fine (only cheat was some Tums for gas a couple of times) and re-introduced dairy. On the day of re-introduction, I had some congestion so clearly dairy is an issue. What i didn't expect was severe bloating, gas and bowel issues the NEXT day when I went back on the Whole 30. How do I know if it was the dairy or just a bad day (i had one like it during the 30 days as well? Do i just re-introduce dairy again and see what happens? I do recognize that i "re-set" my system and therefore it w