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  1. This perfect ladies! Thank you. We started today and I bought an extra bag of potato's; adding an extra potato towards my lunch since my Fitbit says I should be starting in five days. I'm super optimistic- I'm going to finish this time.
  2. Yeah, should have posted more! My bad. I think, if I remember correctly, it was more moodiness than anything. It’s been a few months- so I can’t remember it perfectly. I didn’t really have cravings, more of a sense of “I’m done with this!” (I know, childish). Energy levels seemed ok. More of an attitude of just wanting to be done. Hopefully that helps.
  3. Hi everybody! We're planning on trying Whole30 for the fourth time after our vacation. Two weeks. I have quit on day 10, 17, and 27, and have yet to complete it. The factor that combines all of these is my period. Every single time I've quite I have started my period one-two days after. Every. Single. Time. Do you guys have any suggestions? I use my Fitbit to track my cycles, but I'm still a little irregular. 28-34 day cycles. In fact, I skipped my period on my first Whole30, though I wasn't that concerned since I drastically changed my eating and your body reacts to that. Any w