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  1. My husband's birthday party is at a Chinese restaurant. What can I eat?
  2. Hi, My name is Vanessa. I am a nurse, professor, wife, massage therapist, friend, sister, and more. I did my first Whole30 a couple of years ago, stayed on it for 3 months and lost 30+ lbs. Rather than reintroducing food slowly, I fell off hard. Over the next year or two, I gained every lb back plus more. This year I tried another Whole30 in January and made it 1-2 weeks; didn't lose anything. I'm trying again beginning tomorrow. I have a support person and an accountability partner. We're going to check in with each other every day and do meal prep together every 1-2 weeks. I am at the height of unhealthiness and considering bariatric surgery. My body is inflamed and I am frequently nauseous, all from the food I eat. I really need the Whole30. My plan is to stay on it for 3 months, then segue into a paleo lifestyle. I'll post my adventures along the way. Wish me luck and thank you in advance for the cheerleading. I'll be cheering you on too:) V