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  1. Erinj

    Protein (beef fat)

    I think the main thing with the fat is the possible toxins that could be in it. But that will also depend on how the meat was sourced. The better the source (grass fed and grass finished) the better the fat will be.
  2. Erinj

    Too much Avocado?

    Eat the avocado!!
  3. Erinj

    Whole30 Basic Mayo

    Usually about a week in the fridge!!
  4. Erinj

    Intermittent fasting?

    For the purpose of the Whole30, and the intention of the program (to focus on your health, habits, and relationships with food) it might be too complicated to add intermittent fasting to the mix, and yes stressful to the body as well. I would definitely recommend completing your Whole30 by the books, including reintroduction, then experimenting with intermittent fasting
  5. Erinj

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    French Vanilla Nutpods and a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Creamy, frothy, and delish! I look forward to it every morning:)
  6. Check out this article on traveling while on Whole30:
  7. Erinj

    Super stressed, about to quit

    I do order my "purse ranch" through Tessamae's or their packets of dressings through Amazon, so for this trip that might be too hard, but for the future:) Like you, I am also OK with just olive oil and salt most of the time, and I think that's what will also be important to remember on this trip.........let good enough be good enough:) Stay compliant, but don't stress over it too much. If you have an Rx bar and a meat stick for breakfast one day (which is not ideal we know) let that be OK for that day, and try to add more veggies when you are eating somewhere where you can! Just stay compliant, you got this. Is there a Chipotle near you? They have an awesome Whole30 bowl!!!
  8. Erinj

    Super stressed, about to quit

    Definitely try to get to a nearby store if you can to stock up on some essentials to get you through. That will really help! Even being able to eat a little before you go out to your meals can be helpful so you're not hangry and feeling deprived! It can definitely be challenging to Whole30 while you travel, but also very doable with some preparation and thinking ahead. I am known for carrying around compliant dressings in my purse for situations where there isn't something compliant! Protein, veggies, fat. You can do this!!
  9. Erinj

    Vegetables for Breakfast

    LOVE the green eggs idea! And for me, leftovers for the win! Leftovers with an egg on it (or not!) always works for me since most of my leftover meals have veggies in them. And then of course, #throwaneggonit
  10. Here's a good article on how to handle situations when friends or family may not be supportive of your new health goals. And remember, you do not need to defend or explain yourself. You are working hard and staying committed!! That is something to be proud of!! You can also try using a simple, "No, thank you" and then change the topic of conversation. You got this!!
  11. Erinj

    Nice to meet you!

    Hi Tracie!! Yay for your first Whole30! I am also a teacher, and I agree.....summer is a great time to work on our overall health. We might actually have time to cook:) Please let me know if you have any questions
  12. Erinj

    Camping on Whole 30

    I think the best strategy is definitely to plan ahead! Plan your meals and even prep what you can at home. Having prepped veggies ready to go (and even some homemade sauces) will be super helpful. And of course pack plenty of compliant snacks just in case!
  13. Erinj


    I love coconut aminos and also prefer it to soy sauce now, so good! Tahini is also OK and can be a great base for dressings and sauces, just make sure you read the label:)
  14. Erinj

    Feeling Hungry Often

    Adding more healthy fats to your meals (and your snacks) really helps with satiation
  15. Erinj

    Weight gain

    Trust the process It is completely normal to feel this way right around Day 11! Your body is still adjusting, you got this!