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  1. Great-thank you for the input! I will work towards eating before work, at home. That seems to make the most sense.
  2. I am new to Whole30. R1D15. Trying to get 4-5 hours between meals has been difficult due to my work schedule and workout schedule. I understand that 4-5 hours between will allow me to be fat adapted but if I cannot, then will I not ever get to be fat adapted. Breakfast & lunch timing is the most difficult. Normally, I have breakfast about 8:30 am (while at work) and then eating lunch is anywhere from 11am-1pm depending on what is going on at work/meetings, etc. So, there are days that I will eat breakfast at 8:30, then have to eat lunch at 11am. Am I derailing any good with this timing? Would it be better for me to wake up a little early and eat breakfast at home right when I wake up? Now, add it pre or post workout meal and I definitely wouldn't have 4-5 hours between. I would workout about 3-4 hours after lunch but then eat dinner shortly afterwards. My job is pretty crazy and prior to whole30 I would eat something when I could because I'm always running around. I would eat good things but would not always have a significant meal. Now, I just want to make sure I am not doing anything that prevents me from this goal. Anyone else have this problem?