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  1. oh pain in neck and shoulder and hands still inflammed.
  2. went to dietitian today. Since July 2 I am down 10 pounds. weekend trip went well. I nailed it except for Saturday night when I ate out and they sprinkled some cheddar cheese on my cobb salad! ARGHHH. Nonetheless we press on. I am feeling pretty good, no real cravings.I craved something crunchy but celery is getting me through
  3. Thank you for the support. I usually do this stuff solo but thought that I would participate a little on line this time. Will do. I KNOW lot of stuff! I just forget and it helps with others reminding me and encouraging me. It is awful hard to read and post on this sight then try to go eat something I shouldn't! Again, thank you!
  4. Will do thank you. I did this 2-3 years ago and was really surprised on how I felt and the weight loss. 45 pounds in 3 months. I know, too much too fast. I lost a bit of muscle. I will remember my protein this time around. Have a great day!
  5. already been eating close to it for a few days, 4. Today start the 30 days