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  1. Things that helped me transition in the first week: - I made my own plain carbonated soda stream water and then added a splash of no sugar added fruit juice - Passionfruit or Berry flavored LaCroix is probably the most palatable to people who are used to drinking soda - I also made my own fruit infused iced tea by brewing the tea, chilling it, and then tossing in an assortment of berries. Black tea has a good bit of caffeine in it too so you get that boost you're used to.
  2. It was super good, but I did add extra hot sauce!
  3. Oh nice! I'll check that one out too!
  4. This is so good! She's leaves it kind of open as to what veg you use in this so I shredded a purple cabbage, a green cabbage, and 4 carrots to create the base for this. It made an entire gallon ziplock bag full! lol! I also added cashews to the pan at the stage where you toss the shrimp back in and then I added cilantro and a hard boiled egg on top. This is definitely getting added to my regular rotation!
  5. This was my first dinner on Whole30 and whoah! It was amazing! The recipe didn't have any serving suggestions, so I put it on a bed of spring greens. The salsa is the real hero here, and a definite keeper! I will eat this on its own and I think it would be great on an omelette or even on seafood. This salsa is spicy with the jalapeño and red onion, but also sweet and tart because of the strawberries and lime! You could easily alter it to your spice preference by altering the jalapeño content but I thought it was perfect as written. I used quite a bit of the salsa on top and it was so flavorful