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  1. ShieldMaiden

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Woooooohooooo! *dance party*
  2. ShieldMaiden

    I did it!

    Thank you! I will systematically reintroduce but I think I may just do the slow roll because right now I am not really feeling like I am missing or craving anything. I think this weekend my friend is teaching me to make Macarons, so I need to scrutinize the ingredient list because that may be my first reintroduction. Thanks, I will look for that book! I wonder if I just stay on whole30 if I would continue to lose more weight naturally or if 10lbs is my max. I feel like I should lose maybe just 10-20 for health reasons and comfort. Whole30 this is pretty easy for me, so if that is all I need to do, that would be great...
  3. ShieldMaiden

    I did it!

    It wasn't even hard after the first 3 days! But the first three days I felt a little lightheaded and just out of it, I increased plated fat and the general quantity of food I was eating and that feeling went away. Day 3 was quite a lot of time in the bathroom. ha ha! But after that it was smooth sailing. I have been telling a lot of people about the plan because it has really helped me. I think so many of our health problems can be simply solved with nutrition. Things I noticed during my 30 days: My brain started to work more quickly and efficiently, it just felt very sharp and fast! My energy was more consistent and stable. I barely drink coffee now, I find I just don't even crave it like I did. My skin looks healthier (though I still need to figure out what is causing my break outs. hormonal? Just need more time on the plan?). And I lost 10 lbs. I want to lose a little bit more to feel more comfortable, so I am going to try Noom next. It seems pretty useful so far! Now that I have healthy eating under control, I think it is time to focus on exercise and caloric intake (I think I am eating too much salad dressing). Yay!
  4. ShieldMaiden

    A skeptic is convinced!

    Fantastic! Please report back on what you find out about reintroduction and the migraines.
  5. ShieldMaiden

    Amazing Results!

    Holy Crap! 20lbs! That's amazing! How great to be able to kick a medication to the curb! That's huge!!!
  6. ShieldMaiden

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Hurray! Congrats! TODAY is my last day!!!
  7. ShieldMaiden

    ShieldMaiden's Log - Start Date 6/2/19

    Oh geez I have been slacking with the log, but I just realized that today is day 30 for me!!
  8. One of my favorite things to make pre-Whole30 was Jerk Burgers and so I was happy to find a compliant jerk seasoning recipe. I made up this one: Took about 2 tablespoons of the resulting mix, swirled it in a bowl with some balsamic vinegar, rolled some burgers in it, and pan fried them! So delicious! Extra good with mustard and peperoncini on top! I also mashed about 4 sweet potatoes, added approximately 1/4 cup of coconut cream in it, and a dash of cinnamon and salt. AMAZING! The coconut and sweet potatoes was an incredible combination!
  9. ShieldMaiden

    What do you drink?

    I love it!
  10. ShieldMaiden

    What do you drink?

    Things that helped me transition in the first week: - I made my own plain carbonated soda stream water and then added a splash of no sugar added fruit juice - Passionfruit or Berry flavored LaCroix is probably the most palatable to people who are used to drinking soda - I also made my own fruit infused iced tea by brewing the tea, chilling it, and then tossing in an assortment of berries. Black tea has a good bit of caffeine in it too so you get that boost you're used to.
  11. ShieldMaiden

    Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?

    Oh! You're actually suspending or hanging yours! Haven't tried that yet. lol!
  12. ShieldMaiden

    Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?

    Yeah that's how I prepare it. I've found it results in the most even cooking.
  13. ShieldMaiden

    Spicy Shrimp Egg Roll Bowl

    It was super good, but I did add extra hot sauce!
  14. ShieldMaiden

    ShieldMaiden's Log - Start Date 6/2/19

    Day 12 Thurs June 13th - Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, franks red hot. Panfried creole potatoes in ghee. Lunch: Mixed greens salad, chicken, olives, cucumber, green pepper , ranch dressing Dinner: Spicy Egg Roll Bowl with added chicken and hard boiled egg
  15. ShieldMaiden

    Spicy Shrimp Egg Roll Bowl

    Oh nice! I'll check that one out too!