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  1. I don't have any answers here, as these are my questions too. What I wondered was: if we are adding carbs to our workout, won't our body tap into those carbs instead of our fat stores for energy use? I'm clueless and only 'beginner' informed on fueling for workouts to begin with. Are the workout guidelines the only things that have been updated @kirbz? The original template, as far as pre- and post-workout works pretty well for me so far, but I'm not doing anything too intense yet. For now I'll stick with that, but will likely need to change as my strength increases and training intensifies.
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    I'm so glad you posted these links @kirbz! Here's my question though as a Whole30 rebooter (1st W30 in April 2018) who's trying to refresh on the rules: Is the article listed not in direct contradiction with the whole30 meal template? Specifically for pre- and post- workout suggestions? I was trying to remind myself of the guidelines this morning before my workout when I came across the above-mentioned article. Just curious as I really want to hone in on those workout meals this go-round. As for the OP question, I agree with the above comments. Increasing both my fat intake and adding potatoes has significantly helped with hunger!