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    No reaction to reintroduced

    got it! Thanks Shannon!
  2. Finished Whole 30 on Friday and am into the reintro phase. Ate legumes yesterday, (chili with lentils and beans) with no bad side effects at all.. as a matter of fact I feel amazing! I'm back on Whole 30 today and tomorrow with Non Gluten Grains slated for Tuesday followed by Dairy on Friday and finally Gluten Monday week. My question is this. Now that I'm certain that Legumes are not inflammatory for me can I keep them in my diet throughout the rest of the reintroduction? (that leftover chili is calling to me) and if NG Grains and Dairy prove equally symptomless can they remain on the menu as well? Thanks Whole Food Hive!
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    Got it. So what I'm going to do to get my fruit in is integrate apples, berries and grapes into salads and if I'm hungry in between meals I'll have fruit and nuts so there will be some fat to accompany it with the goal of just thee meals a day with no snacks. THANKS ALL!!
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    Thanks Shannon. In regards to the fruit question I think I threw you off there as I'm not looking for dessert but instead asking how to incorporate fruit into the menu. I know snacking in between meals is verboten so if I want to incorporate it into a meal does it have to be eaten at the same time?
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    Day 1 and here are my questions so far Is it essential to have meat/fish at every meal or are eggs an adequate protein. Do Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, almonds and pumpkin seeds have enough protein to substitute for meat/fish/eggs Can fruit be eaten as dessert after a meal or should it always be incorporated into the meal preworkout early morning -does a handful of nuts or seeds qualify