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    A skeptic is convinced!

    My doctor asked me to do a Whole30 to try to solve a number of health concerns. I work in the food industry and was highly skeptical of a diet that eliminates whole grains and legumes. But I have tried so many diets and techniques and I kept gaining weight and suffering from migraines, so I agreed to do this. Today is my last day and I just got off the scale - down 14 pounds! And I haven’t had a migraine in 30 days, after having them weekly for the past two years. I miss legumes but I also wonder if they contribute to my health issues. I will pay special attention to this food group on reintroduction. Today I will savor the happiness and health I am feeling. I can’t wait to go back to my doctor and talk about what’s next. I have a feeling there will be more Whole30s in my future, and I’m totally ok with that!