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  1. AnnahLaine

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    I started with you all on Monday! Just downloaded the calendar for some needed motivation, but overall it’s been way easier than I expected. Cravings haven’t hit too bad at all for me. Only issue so far is exhaustion and feeling overly full and bloated all the time! Wondering if I have leaky gut/ gallbladder issues? Someone mentioned eggs and spinach aren’t good for leaky gut? Kinda discouraged day 3 feeling bloated as if I were eating greasy junk food. I haven’t even had bacon yet! Lol, might need to cut back on the natural oils... Hope everyone is doing great Day 3!
  2. AnnahLaine

    Ghee-Heavy Feeling?

    I am also feeling SUPER heavy, overly full all the time and more bloated than I have ever been (W30 Day 3 for me). Honestly feel like I’ve been eating greasy fries and hamburgers even though it’s also the healthiest I’ve ever eaten! Very confusing... Wondering if the fats in every meal (avocado, a ton of ground turkey and olive oil, and coconut oil in my coffee even) is just triggering hormonal/ bile issues? Or maybe my gut is just that messed up and having to adjust so much? I pretty much have to force myself to eat during the day and get nauseous easily. I definitely feel your pain! @LindsayO Hoping it gets better soon