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  1. Made it to Day 31. I lost 13.7 pounds and lost three inches in my mid waist and 3 in my lower waist. I didn’t measure any other parts of my body. I’m very pleased with my results. I plan to do the slow roll reintro plan. I feel so good and this is not hard, so I’m going to keep on plan until I feel like reintroducing something off the elimination plan.
  2. Woo hoo! Made it to Day 30 and feeling super proud of myself!! This is the first healthy eating plan I’ve honestly stuck with and did not modify in any way! I have too many NSVs to share, so I won’t. I’ll just say that I’ve definitely drunk the Whole 30 Kool-Aid. I’ve already got a list of friends signed up to do it with me again on September 2. I am a high school principal and it’s summer break. So doing The Whole 30 over the summer was not very stressful because I’m not very stressed right now. So I want to do another round right when school starts back so I’m forced to maintain this healthy
  3. Lisa. I am glad you waited until you returned from Vegas to start. It would have been too tough to start this program while in Vegas. I’m on Day 17 and I just want to let you know that I feel so much better already. While I can get on the scale, I know I’ve lost weight. But more importantly, I just feel so much better overall. The best is not having food cravings. It’s kinda weird how the body totally changes up on you by just eating the correct foods. Even though weight-loss is my goal, I am truly trying to focus on the non-scale victories as opposed to weight loss. I am trying to make this
  4. This is my first time starting the Whole 30. It feels so good to enter Day 17. I honestly can’t believe that I feel sooooooo much better in this short time frame. I’ve been journaling daily and recording all of my NSVs! I can tell I’ve lost weight and/or inches too. I know I shouldn’t be looking forward to hopping on the scale on day 31, but I am. I guess I just want to validate my progress even though I shouldn’t care about that damn number. I know that I’m in shock that I feel so much better after only a couple of weeks of eating this way. Here’s to successfully finishing the program. I have
  5. Hello all. I just started on July 1st as well. It made sense. First of the month AND a Monday. This is my very first time starting the Whole30. Yesterday, I spent a lot of money on protein, veggies, and fruit. So I’m ready to feel better and live life better I am excited to start this journey toward my improved health. I need to do something. I am definitely looking forward to the support I’ll receive from you all. Thank you in advance.