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  1. Hi there. I’m Liz and I’ve suffered from GI issues and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’ve always made excuses — it’s just stress, I just ate too much, it must’ve been old food. I even went GF for a year, documenting how much better I felt for it, and now (back to my old ways) still won’t admit the difference because I love ____________. I do. I love to have a glass of wine in the evening or beers with friends on the weekend. I love to bake and enjoy every form of biscuit/bread/cookie/cake under the sun. I love to treat Aunt Flo to a poptart. But I feel like crap. Now I’m (begrudgingly) coming to the realization that it’s time to be a grown-up and stop trading my health and well being for the temporary pleasure of something delicious. I’m committing to the Whole30 to test for food sensitivities on a physical level, but also to heal my relationship with food on a psychological level. I’m scared. I’ve cried wolf many many times, to the point where I don’t want to tell my friends and family for fear of their reactions: “another diet??” And they wouldn’t be unjustified. My motivation lasts approximately 2 weeks and then I decide that things were perfectly fine the way they were and I shouldn’t deprive myself at the family BBQ where my sister-in-law brought her legendary booze-infused cupcakes. I’ve never had anyone to take me by the shoulders and give me a good shake and shout “the cupcakes aren’t worth the (insert nasty GI symptom here)!!” I feel like no one will understand that this isn’t about losing weight, or following a trend. I don’t discuss my issues and prefer to “suffer in silence”. I’m hoping that I will find a community here to support and understand me, because you’ve all done it. You’ve all had your reasons for committing to the Whole30, and even if they weren’t the same as mine are now you know that the struggle is real. I’m hoping that you will be my strength, my tough love, and my victory cheer. Because I certainly applaud all of you who’ve made this incredible sacrifice in the name of health (even if you really loved doughnuts).