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    Sleepover, and I am on Whole 30!

    Well I don’t necessarily need to do the full 30 days as I already kind of know what I can’t have. I ended up cheating a little bit but not overly, (like sugar). I would have loved to cook at home but I’m not quite sure they would like what I eat, and so I just went with it. :) I am back on it though, and I am doing good. I feel a little bad that I cheated but it’s better than losing a friend or making her feel bad. I plan on just doing whole 30 as my main source of food but since I don’t necessarily need to do whole 30 again, I am just going to eat it 90% of the time but if I end up going somewhere with a friend or family I won’t be so restrictive and will just eat something that is as close as can be. I don’t want to do the entire 30 days because it sometimes sets me up to fail, because it’s longer without that food that you are more likely to purge on sweets. I still have the same results from 2 years ago when I first started so, hopefully this unrestricted version will just help me stay on this while still allowing foods that make me feel better. (I’m open to that occasional ice cream if I really need to) Thanks for all your help!
  2. Hello! I am 14 and I’m on my 15th day to of Whole 30. I have done Whole 30 about 4 to 5 times in the past and I’ve mostly stuck onto it eating and lifestyle wise. I have a friend who wants me to sleepover and I’m stuck! I want to eat Whole 30, but I don’t want to discriminate her by telling her I eat this way and possibly offend her or make her feel less of herself. Would it be ok if I had a cheat day for 1 day and then just continue the next day as if it was yesterday? (No, I’m not doing this for weight loss, I have a few food allergies:) Thanks!