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  1. Well I don’t necessarily need to do the full 30 days as I already kind of know what I can’t have. I ended up cheating a little bit but not overly, (like sugar). I would have loved to cook at home but I’m not quite sure they would like what I eat, and so I just went with it. :) I am back on it though, and I am doing good. I feel a little bad that I cheated but it’s better than losing a friend or making her feel bad. I plan on just doing whole 30 as my main source of food but since I don’t necessarily need to do whole 30 again, I am just going to eat it 90% of the time but if I end up going some
  2. Hello! I am 14 and I’m on my 15th day to of Whole 30. I have done Whole 30 about 4 to 5 times in the past and I’ve mostly stuck onto it eating and lifestyle wise. I have a friend who wants me to sleepover and I’m stuck! I want to eat Whole 30, but I don’t want to discriminate her by telling her I eat this way and possibly offend her or make her feel less of herself. Would it be ok if I had a cheat day for 1 day and then just continue the next day as if it was yesterday? (No, I’m not doing this for weight loss, I have a few food allergies:) Thanks!