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  1. Day 20! Pretty good day. Met a friend for dinner and had a hamburger with a fried egg on top and a few sweet potato fries. No bun of course. Asked for salsa to go with the hamburger, not sure if it had sugar but it didn’t taste sweet. Lunch was tossed salad with turkey, melon, and figs. Breakfast was sausage patty, egg, banana, and fried tomatoes. I’m getting the hang of how to fit this in my life. Eating out is harder but doable. Hot flashes again were not bad last night. Dare I hope?
  2. Day 19 Went on a work retreat today and they served lunch. Typical conference type lunch, wraps, pasta salad, tossed salad and cookies and chips. So....what to do? I could have called ahead but I didn’t want to explain all the restrictions of the whole 30 so I made do. I took two wraps, a turkey and a veggie one, and some tossed salad, to which I put balsamic vinaigrette on. Then I opened the wraps and put the turkey Slices and roasted veggies on top. Not bad for making do! I have no idea if there was added sugar in the dressing, or the marinade that was on the veggies, but I figur
  3. Day 18 These hot flashes won’t let up, ugh! I’m almost 59 and technically not in menopause as I still have intermittent periods- keep hoping they will stop. I have been getting hot flashes for a couple years now but this is the worst they have been. In reading through the forum, it seems this is something that happens with the Whole 30, someone offered that it may be due to the release of estrogen in fat? I guess that makes sense but I wish they would let up! Heres today’s tally: Breakfast: 2 eggs, half a fried tomato, small sweet potato with compliant butter Lunch:fried po
  4. Ok, been a couple busy days but keeping the course. Feeling pretty good overall and getting the hang of planning meals and making it work in my life. Wednesday I have an all day work event and they will be serving us lunch, so that may be a problem as lunch is usually an assortment sandwiches and salads. I’m hoping there’s tossed salad that I can use as a base for the meat, but we’ll see. I’m going to stick a couple epic bars in my purse in case there are no good options. Other than that, here’s today’s food, Leaned into Epic bars today for convenience, I have to figure out other options
  5. Thanks Schrödinger’s cat! Wow, round 3, I’m impressed. I think this journal will be helpful. Today was better, now to remember everything I ate: Breakfast Banana small potato sausage patty zucchini Lunch 1/2 pork chop 4 slices turkey bacon sweet potato fries Snack Epic bar My stress level was lower, maybe because it’s Friday.Less tired today too. Hopefully will continue. Carrots Dinner 1/2 pork cop sweet potato fries beet Drinks black coffee, seltzer, water, tea
  6. Anybody else experience an increase in hot flashes? I’m on day 13 and they’re worse than ever. Is this part of detox?
  7. I’m finishing Day 13. I posted a couple days ago in success stories that I felt great but I’m having a harder time with it now. I’m tired, sleeping a lot, and feeling grouchy. I’m thinking this log might help. Here’s my meals for today: 1. Small potato, sausage patty, zucchini, compliant butter 2. Epic bar and melon 3. Pork chop, broccoli slaw with dressing, beets, tomato salad with bacon. Salads have compliant dressing Drinks: black coffee, seltzer with splash OJ, water There are several stressors in my life right now but I didn’t want to wait to start this, so I plun
  8. Starting day 12 and I feel great! I had headaches the first few days and a general feeling of sluggishness for the first five days or so, but after that it seemed everything clicked. I’m not feeling hungry, not having cravings, and my energy level is higher than normal. Bonus is that my pants are feeling looser. I can’t believe that I don’t crave bread, it doesn’t even look good. I always thought I couldn’t live without it. It does take some planning, and I’m starting to streamline that. I’m interested to see what happens with the re introduction, but it seems my body needs to be on som
  9. Day 6 here and doing OK, good luck!
  10. Thanks, good idea to save screen shots to my phone! I’m starting to wrap my brain around it. Appreciate the support.
  11. Thanks Ashleyparik! After reading a bit more, I understand that now. Today was much better, and I haven’t felt the need to have something sweet. I actually feel pretty good, and this feels very manageable. I made sweet potato fries with dinner and I think that satisfied the need for sweets/ carbs for me. Looking forward to moving ahead with this!
  12. I started today but see I already went off course! After dinner, I wanted a sweet, so I had a RX bar, but then I read that peanut butter is not approved. Of course it was peanut butter. oh well, tomorrow’s a new day.