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  1. I’m on day 3 of my first whole 30. I read last night about some medications that are not ok on this. I take prescriptions, a multivitamin, several supplements, and several Acetaminophen pills every day. This is my first time doing Whole 30, and I want to be completely compliant, mainly because of how sick I’ve been feeling. Looking at my vitamin, supplements, and pain pill I see things that are not compliant in all of them. However, I’ve had several surgeries on my stomach and my absorption level is low. I’ve been told to take a multivitamin (woman’s formulation daily), iron (365 Ferrous Sulfate daily), D3 (5000 mg daily), B12 (5000 mg daily), and Calcium (500 mg 3x daily). I just am not sure what’s compliant and what’s not. I’m not worried about my prescription meds, they trump anything I could find wrong with them. I’m also not in a place where I can stop taking my supplements or pain relief (Acetaminophen is the only pain reliever that I can take), I just want to know if there are forms out there that are completely ok with the program. I also usually take biotin and keratin daily, but I can go without those. Included are all the ingredients in my vitamin, supplements, and pain relief...