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  1. Suz, sounds like your first day went smoothly for you & congrats on day 1! It’s the little things we change that will lead us to success for our whole30 journey! Today is my day 3 and so far going strong! My day 2 was foggy, lightheaded, slow just out of it and started to have a headache during the day. I too also usually come home and go straight for a snack but I just drank some water & ate a piece of fruit! Hope your day 2 goes great for you! have a great day!
  2. KatiLD, How is it going so far for you? I originally was going to start yesterday but I was so excited to start feeling better and everything worked out for me to begin on September 2nd! So today is my day 3, I woke up yesterday which was my day 2 and I was foggy brain felt a little out of it and had a little headache. So far Day 1&2 was a success! Still have a headache but don’t feel out of it this morning and didn’t feel as tired this morning like I normally am! So ready for day 3 to be another successful day!
  3. I’m with you also! I originally was going to start September 3rd! But everything’s going to work out so I’ll be able to tomorrow! I’m also going to start a journal to help along the way & I also have the Whole30 Day By Day book. But will be writing in my journal instead of the book so I can use it when I do more rounds in the future! Looking forward to start tomorrow! Today will be doing grocery shopping and getting my meals planned for the week! Good luck to you ladies on your whole 30 journey
  4. CrazyWiseWoman, thanks so much for the kind words! I’m happy to have found the Whole30 community. Looks like my next step is to make an Instagram & start following the whole30 accounts & hashtags!
  5. Hi, I’m new to the whole 30 community! I’m looking at these upcoming 30 days as the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle. A few years back I was diagnosed with GERD & fructose intolerant. I came across Whole30 a few weeks back & knew this is the answer I’ve been looking for to help me. I have been getting myself & house prepped & ready, even have goals & plans set in place. This is my last week to get prepared & prepped and can’t wait to start my journey on September 3rd! If anyone has any pointers or advice I’d love to hear it!