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  1. Wow, congratulations! Twelve pounds is AWESOME and all those other victories are awesome as well (more awesome, I'd say - totally feel you on the tyranny of the scale). You sound super chill and like you've hit a place where you know stress is going to be a part of life but it doesn't derail you from your goals. It's pretty inspiring to read
  2. I gotta say, your Whole30 meals look pretty delicious! Totally understand on the "convenience" foods not always being appealing on this plan. One can only eat so many hardboiled eggs, after all. I think your idea to add a fourth meal is a good one, considering how active you are and that you're not feeling satisfied. Also something else to consider, how is the timing of your meals? Maybe that has something to do with the satisfaction levels. Active from 6:30-9:30 is a long frickin day!
  3. I've just skimmed through your logs past and present and WOW, first of all I love how detailed and honest you are, and second of all I feel like I'm reading a version of my own story with Whole30. Soldiered through my first round successfully, kinda half-assed it on my second, with some stops and starts in between. This stuff is HARD. I'm rooting for you! Here's to "not perfect, but sustainable!"