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  1. I forget about broccoli slaw! I've used it in place of noodles before in Asian inspired dishes.
  2. Right! I'm trying to look for other places to "sneak" in a vegetable; right now the only other one I do is add shredded carrot to my marinara sauce - just saute it with the onions and celery and no one knows it's in there.
  3. I'm not going to recap all my meals from Days 19 - 22 (Jan 30 - Feb 2), but I'll quickly say it was more eggs and soups and leftovers. My grocery total for the month of January was $509.21 ($109 more than I would have liked). A lesson to be learned about meal planning - plan for flexibility! I liked the simplicity of planning once a month, but the reality of it was that only 7 days went according to plan. I made another 4 of the planned meals on different days due to various requests or events that popped up, so maybe my planning was 11/31. We ended up with more leftovers at some meals
  4. Day 18 (1/29/2020) M1: Boiled eggs + grapefruit + coffee w/ almond milk M2: leftover chicken salad + carrots w/ avocado ranch M3: spaghetti w/ squash + green beans When I write this out, it looks pretty dismal (at least to me) - but I enjoyed all of it and didn't feel deprived. I am feeling good, but my meals definitely don't follow the template. Started my February planning.
  5. Day 17 (1/28/2020) M1: breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Zuppa Toscana and a palm-full of almonds M3: leftover shepherd's pie I put the last two servings of the shepherd's pie in to Glasslock Containers for lunches and pulled some marinara sauce out from the freezer for tonight. It was good, and I liked the convenience of not have to cook again last night, but I'm ready for a change. Luckily, spaghetti won't require much cooking either (heating up the sauce, cooking the squash for myself, and noodles for the kids and husband; pretty hands off). We should get
  6. Good grief - I am not creative enough. I can't remember how many times during my round 1 I ate salad with no dressing because none of the options were complaint. Olive oil and lemons - this is so smart! And what you said a couple of posts back about your 11yr old with food allergies - I love this! I remember how shocked and happy I was when my 5 yr old ate 2 helpings of my Whole30 meatloaf (150% more than I expected her to eat). It's so nice when you find a new complaint recipe the whole family will/can eat.
  7. Day 16 (1/27/2020) M1: breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk + another cup of coffee (black) at work M2: cauliflower soup w/ a spoonful of coconut oil added (had one left over that I had frozen; honestly, I'm glad it's gone - it was good, but a little bland unless adding something to it) M3: leftover shepherd's pie Really wanted a Coke yesterday at work. I wasn't feeling my best (headache that was coming and going yesterday).
  8. Day 13 (1/24/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Adielle's sausage w/ stone ground mustard + carrots w/ avocado ranch (went to Walmart at lunch - ate late) M3: leftover chili Day 14 (1/25/2020) M1: eggs + bacon + coffee w/ almond milk (made the kids and husband steel cut oats) M2: leftover teriyaki pork M3: out for a friend's birthday - ate a salad (brought my own dressing!) Made chicken broth to use in meals this week Day 15 (1/26/2020) M1: eggs + bacon + coffee w/ nutpods (made the kids and husband homemad
  9. Day 12 (1/23/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk) M2: leftover gumbo w/ riced cauliflower M3: something I will call teriyaki pork w/ broccoli, brussel sprouts, and pineapple over cauliflower rice. Not bad for a small pork roast I found in the freezer. I dumped it in the slow cooker (defrosted first) with some sauce I had purchased during my first round along with some chicken broth; then after it had cooked, I whipped up some compliant sauce using the liquid from the slow cooker and some other compliant ingredients. This was my first success using arrowroo
  10. Day 11 (1/22/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk (the creamer I mentioned in day 10 is Nutpods - didn't use it today) M2: leftover gumbo w/ riced cauliflower M3: leftover chili w/ baked potato My daughter wanted to make dessert, and we had a package of brownie mix. We made them together and I didn't eat any. Win-win.
  11. Day 10 (January 21) M1: Fried eggs + coffee w/ creamer M2: chopped pork M3: chili w/ baked potato The fried eggs did not hold me over well (and I know - it doesn't follow the template....); made the breakfast casserole for the rest of the week after dinner. Had to travel for work with some colleagues; we went to a well known bbq restaurant for lunch. I figured I'd be able to find something on the menu to eat - and I did, except it was just meat - dry meat with zero sauce. They sell their rub and their sauce at the restaurant, so I was able to look at them to see if it
  12. A little catch-up to do (since I don't get on the computer much between Friday afternoon and Monday morning - and was off yesterday) I am currently in a panic about budget and how much I am spending on groceries, so this week is likely going to be completely different than my meal plan, searching for food that we already have and figuring out what I can make with it that is complaint. Days 6 (January 17) M1: technically complaint but not recommended smoothie + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Tuna w/ avocado + ranch (should have just gone with mayo - I love the Tessemae's ranch,
  13. Day 5 (January 16) M1: Coffee w/ almond milk + breakfast casserole M2: Cauliflower soup + 2 energy balls + a grapefruit (I was in a rush this morning and grabbed 2 of the energy balls for fat/protein to go with lunch) Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar (thought my hunger might have something to do with my KATT mood when I got home) M3: Eggroll stirfry w/ cauliflower rice (made frozen gyoza to go with it for the rest of the family; I love these so it was a little hard to resist, but I did) Found myself low on patience again when I got home from work and picking up the kids. O
  14. Day 4 (January 15) M1: Coffee w/ almond milk + breakfast casserole w/ salsa Drank a second cup of coffee at work; didn't have any almond milk so I tried a scope of the Lavender Lemon collagen in it. I don't know what possessed me to do that - it doesn't even sound good and it wasn't. But it might be good with hot tea. M2: Cauliflower soup + butternut squash salad M3: grilled shrimp and grilled catfish w/ plain baked potato. We went out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants that just changed ownership, which meant some changes to the menu as well. I knew the pre
  15. I agree with you about the timelines. Prepping for my first round, I was worried that if I read "Today you should be feeling XYZ" and I didn't, particularly if it were a good feeling like more energy, that I would be disappointed and that would lead me off track. But I read the Day by Day book anyway and made notes (and luckily never felt jealous of how I "should" be feeling according the the timeline). I will say what's been most helpful about that this time around is that I have my notes. I haven't even been reading the book, but I have been referring to my notes.