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  1. I forget about broccoli slaw! I've used it in place of noodles before in Asian inspired dishes.
  2. Right! I'm trying to look for other places to "sneak" in a vegetable; right now the only other one I do is add shredded carrot to my marinara sauce - just saute it with the onions and celery and no one knows it's in there.
  3. I'm not going to recap all my meals from Days 19 - 22 (Jan 30 - Feb 2), but I'll quickly say it was more eggs and soups and leftovers. My grocery total for the month of January was $509.21 ($109 more than I would have liked). A lesson to be learned about meal planning - plan for flexibility! I liked the simplicity of planning once a month, but the reality of it was that only 7 days went according to plan. I made another 4 of the planned meals on different days due to various requests or events that popped up, so maybe my planning was 11/31. We ended up with more leftovers at some meals
  4. Day 18 (1/29/2020) M1: Boiled eggs + grapefruit + coffee w/ almond milk M2: leftover chicken salad + carrots w/ avocado ranch M3: spaghetti w/ squash + green beans When I write this out, it looks pretty dismal (at least to me) - but I enjoyed all of it and didn't feel deprived. I am feeling good, but my meals definitely don't follow the template. Started my February planning.
  5. Day 17 (1/28/2020) M1: breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Zuppa Toscana and a palm-full of almonds M3: leftover shepherd's pie I put the last two servings of the shepherd's pie in to Glasslock Containers for lunches and pulled some marinara sauce out from the freezer for tonight. It was good, and I liked the convenience of not have to cook again last night, but I'm ready for a change. Luckily, spaghetti won't require much cooking either (heating up the sauce, cooking the squash for myself, and noodles for the kids and husband; pretty hands off). We should get
  6. Good grief - I am not creative enough. I can't remember how many times during my round 1 I ate salad with no dressing because none of the options were complaint. Olive oil and lemons - this is so smart! And what you said a couple of posts back about your 11yr old with food allergies - I love this! I remember how shocked and happy I was when my 5 yr old ate 2 helpings of my Whole30 meatloaf (150% more than I expected her to eat). It's so nice when you find a new complaint recipe the whole family will/can eat.
  7. Day 16 (1/27/2020) M1: breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk + another cup of coffee (black) at work M2: cauliflower soup w/ a spoonful of coconut oil added (had one left over that I had frozen; honestly, I'm glad it's gone - it was good, but a little bland unless adding something to it) M3: leftover shepherd's pie Really wanted a Coke yesterday at work. I wasn't feeling my best (headache that was coming and going yesterday).
  8. Day 13 (1/24/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Adielle's sausage w/ stone ground mustard + carrots w/ avocado ranch (went to Walmart at lunch - ate late) M3: leftover chili Day 14 (1/25/2020) M1: eggs + bacon + coffee w/ almond milk (made the kids and husband steel cut oats) M2: leftover teriyaki pork M3: out for a friend's birthday - ate a salad (brought my own dressing!) Made chicken broth to use in meals this week Day 15 (1/26/2020) M1: eggs + bacon + coffee w/ nutpods (made the kids and husband homemad
  9. Day 12 (1/23/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk) M2: leftover gumbo w/ riced cauliflower M3: something I will call teriyaki pork w/ broccoli, brussel sprouts, and pineapple over cauliflower rice. Not bad for a small pork roast I found in the freezer. I dumped it in the slow cooker (defrosted first) with some sauce I had purchased during my first round along with some chicken broth; then after it had cooked, I whipped up some compliant sauce using the liquid from the slow cooker and some other compliant ingredients. This was my first success using arrowroo
  10. Day 11 (1/22/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk (the creamer I mentioned in day 10 is Nutpods - didn't use it today) M2: leftover gumbo w/ riced cauliflower M3: leftover chili w/ baked potato My daughter wanted to make dessert, and we had a package of brownie mix. We made them together and I didn't eat any. Win-win.
  11. Day 10 (January 21) M1: Fried eggs + coffee w/ creamer M2: chopped pork M3: chili w/ baked potato The fried eggs did not hold me over well (and I know - it doesn't follow the template....); made the breakfast casserole for the rest of the week after dinner. Had to travel for work with some colleagues; we went to a well known bbq restaurant for lunch. I figured I'd be able to find something on the menu to eat - and I did, except it was just meat - dry meat with zero sauce. They sell their rub and their sauce at the restaurant, so I was able to look at them to see if it
  12. A little catch-up to do (since I don't get on the computer much between Friday afternoon and Monday morning - and was off yesterday) I am currently in a panic about budget and how much I am spending on groceries, so this week is likely going to be completely different than my meal plan, searching for food that we already have and figuring out what I can make with it that is complaint. Days 6 (January 17) M1: technically complaint but not recommended smoothie + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Tuna w/ avocado + ranch (should have just gone with mayo - I love the Tessemae's ranch,
  13. KEEP GOING! Tessemae's dressings are my favorites! For salads or for dipping. Snack if you have to; following the recommended 3 meals isn't worth being hangry on days that your meals didn't meet the template and you find yourself out of energy or angry. Just make sure you're eating because you are truly hungry, not for comfort. Find some quick fix items you really like and keep them on hand for when you don't really feel like cooking (something along the lines of Applegate Hotdogs and some vegetables you can toss together with dressing or roast with oil). Or find a quick reci
  14. I don't know about cross contamination, but a lot of the mixed nuts that I looked at included peanut oil or vegetable oil (which includes soybean oil). Even a lot of the containers for other types of snacking nuts, like cashews or almonds, included one of these oils. For that reason, I would avoid them unless you can read the label and make sure there's nothing else included. I had much better luck finding nuts down the baking aisle (they are not roasted and don't have the oil).
  15. Day 5 (January 16) M1: Coffee w/ almond milk + breakfast casserole M2: Cauliflower soup + 2 energy balls + a grapefruit (I was in a rush this morning and grabbed 2 of the energy balls for fat/protein to go with lunch) Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar (thought my hunger might have something to do with my KATT mood when I got home) M3: Eggroll stirfry w/ cauliflower rice (made frozen gyoza to go with it for the rest of the family; I love these so it was a little hard to resist, but I did) Found myself low on patience again when I got home from work and picking up the kids. O