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  1. I actually finished my reintroduction almost a week ago. I didn’t seem to have any reaction to legumes (haven’t tried peanuts or soy yet), non-gluten grains, or dairy. After my gluten day, I got a headache, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the gluten because I had had about 4 headaches throughout my 30 days, and not just in the first few days. That was one of the symptoms I was hoping whole30 would help with. I think I had less headaches on whole30, but I’m not sure because I didn’t keep track of them before whole30. Anyway, the day after reintroduction was over was my daughter’s birthday (Friday). I had pizza for supper and then ended up having birthday cake three days in a row! Then, on Sunday, I got two blemishes on my face which I didn’t have at all on whole30. Also, I had always been a bit on the constipated side since I have hypothyroidism, and I’m sure my diet didn’t help. That took until toward the end of whole 30 to improve, but I was doing pretty well. Then yesterday, I had a very hard BM with bleeding, and now am very sore and think I might have an anal fissure or something. (Sorry for the TMI.) That sort of thing didn’t really happen before I started whole30, except when pregnant or postpartum. So, obviously, my body doesn’t like something, and I’m afraid it’s gluten, and I don’t want it to be! I haven’t really had much dairy, but I have had quite a bit of gluten in the last few days, but less than I would have had before. I felt great during most of my reintroduction except the headache the night I had gluten. I’m trying to not eat too much of it, but I’ve missed it so! I don’t want to give up gluten entirely unless I really have to. What do you think I should do?
  2. SallylouRN

    Thin basic mayo

    Thank you. I did reblend with another egg yolk but used the blender this time. It took a very long time of very slowly adding oil, but it emulsified beautifully. I just ended up with a lot of dishes to wash after it was all over!
  3. SallylouRN

    Thin basic mayo

    Ok. So I am planning on starting either tomorrow or Saturday, and I decided to make a batch of basic mayo in preparation. I used an immersion blender and maybe didn’t pour my oil in slowly enough. So I ended up with very thin, runny mayo. Is it usable, or will I have to throw it away? I really don’t want to pour all that money down the drain! Thanks for the help!