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  1. Hi ladies - I'm on Day 23 (!!!) of the September Whole30, and am on Day 2 of my period. Ugh. I experienced intense cramping and bloating the day before and first day of, after However, I also was experiencing some digestive weirdness last week, and therefore this is making it hard to differentiate normal monthly discomfort from nuances in my body due to what I'm eating. Let me explain further - the apology for TMI goes without saying. Some background. I am normally very regular - unless I have eaten exceptionally bad (little to no fresh greens, lots of junk food) - so have usually 1-2 BM'
  2. I have been scouring this forum and Google, and haven't found this mentioned anywhere, as it's a relatively new product. Are Recess drinks allowed? Specifically, the Peach Ginger flavor, as it has the fewest ingredients: Filtered Water, Peach Concentrate, Peach Juice Concentrate, Peach Juice Nectar, Organic Ginger, Schisandra Powder, Ginseng Powder, L Theanine Powder, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (10mg). My reasons for asking are the hemp oil and "sugar." I also included a photo of the nutrition information. Re: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. I'm personally not into CBD products, but