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  1. As far as sleep goes, my biological clock is that of a night owl and has been since middle school at least. I fall asleep easily once I actually go to bed, but I often do not lay down before 12am as I am a grad student and I've been conditioned to stay up late since my dad has worked midnights most of my life (I had to stay up if I wanted to hang with him and that hasn't changed even now). I am an night owl who is forced to wake up for 8am classes, which I know is one of the reasons I'm always tired and why I'm not expecting to feel tiger's blood from this program (just a moderate improvement like maybe still feeling a little tied but not needing a nap in the day). I also probably do not drink enough water as I often forget to drink anything during the day. I haven't been snacking during the whole30 since I always feel full. I did start drinking more water and tea during the whole30 but probably still less than recommended. I did not change my sleep schedule because I'm often studying until late at night. Also, much like the re-introduction where we are only adding in one variable at a time to determine the effects of that variable, I also chose not to change my sleep schedule because I wanted to only change one variable (my eating habits) to see if it would really make a difference. So eating habits changed while everything else (except water) remained the same. My sleep schedule is going to change in January as I will be out of school and in my clinical internships which will force me to get on a more regular sleeping schedule, but with that, I won't know if the new Whole60 I'll be doing will have made a difference in my energy levels, or if changing my sleeping schedule made the difference. Energy was not the only thing I was evaluating though, my diet was really bad so I was hoping this would make me feel lighter, and just generally healthier. Maybe giving it 60 days will allow for more overall healthy feelings. @Jihanna Thank you for detailing how you handle the changes that come with your cycle. I decided not to keep going since I had planned to be done in October so I could participate in all the Halloween festivities, but I'll refer to what you posted for my January Whole60. I think I'll do Whole30 for January and February to get through a cycle and have ample time post-cycle to see if there is a rebound in any benefits I was experiencing that may disappear while on my cycle.
  2. I do feel full from my meals. If anything I've been eating more than I am use to eating as I would normally skip breakfast, eat anything from salmon with asparagus to just a candy bar (if I didn't bring food to school) for lunch, and either skip dinner if I wasn't feeling hungry or eat something like a taco salad (baby spinach, ground turkey, ortega taco seasoning, guacamole, cheese, onion, tomato, and store bought taco sauce) for dinner, then maybe have a quarter of a pint of ice cream if I felt like it. Although I lost 4lbs, there is no change between my before and after pictures body composition wise, so that's disappointing. Looking at the NSV page of the Day-by-Day book: In the Mood,Emotion, Psychology section I would say that I have fewer sugar cravings, carb cravings, and feel more in control of my food. With how much I was indulging in sugar, I would have expected my sugar dragon to rear it's ugly head when I stopped eating sugar for the month, but it never did. Maybe I didn't feel any cravings because I was eating so much more food than I normally do, so I guess if I'm eating enough then I can easily control my sugar and carb cravings. No physical changes outside or inside. In the Food and Behaviors category it's a mixed bag. I already knew how to read a food label since I was a health science major in undergrad, but this has made me pay closer attention to them. This program actually forced me to eat past satiety/not listen to my body since I am usually not hungry and have few/low hunger cues (hence skipping breakfast and lunch or dinner fairly regularly). I did learn how to cook, so that is definitely a win. I feel that this program does focus more on over-eating instead of under-eating, so I can't say a lot of this category applies to me. No change in brain function, sleep, or energy, therefore no change in sport, exercise, or play either. As far as the lifestyle and social category: I did get some new cooking skills, learned new recipes, and got more antiquated with my kitchen which I needed to do. I guess my take away is that I when looking at all the NSVs that could have happened (accounting for the ones that don't apply to me) vs what actually happened, I feel I got pretty little out of the month. My main goals were improved brain function, energy, and fitness (by extension) which did not happen. For how little and crappy I was eating before, I guess I thought I would get more out of this. I knew I wasn't going to feel like a million dollars and that I probably wasn't exactly going to feel tiger's blood, but I did think I would not be napping everyday and that I would have some more mental clarity and improved attention while in school. Maybe the re-introduction will be more telling for me. I'm hypothesizing that being on the Whole30 might be equivalent to getting better very slowly where I don't see the benefits because it's a slow recover instead of a dramatic recover. Whereas I'm theorizing that maybe a re-introduction might have more dramatic consequences when I eat something that doesn't agree with me. Acne heals very slowly but explodes quickly for me, so while I have still been getting some menstrual acne, maybe eating dairy or grain is going to cause a very sudden (and unfortunate) explosion of acne that I can't ignore or write off as menstrual. My menstrual cycle comes always comes at the end of the month, so maybe I'll try a whole 60 beginning January to see if things improve after my period. If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions/tips for my January Whole30 I'd love to hear them.
  3. Hey guys, so tomorrow is day 30 for me and I have to say I'm discouraged because I haven't really noticed any changes. I was seeing some changes in the first two weeks of my whole30 such as no new acne, more regular digestion with softer stools, and not napping everyday (though not exactly tigers blood), but in the last two weeks it seems like I've gone right back to how I was before I started the program. I'm breaking out again (probably from my menstrual cycle that just started), my digestion is back to being slow and hard, and I'm napping everyday again. I did accidentally have sugar on day 10 due to not looking at the ingredients of the smoked salmon I ate, but I've been 100% compliant (to the best of my knowledge) for the last 20 days. This last week especially has had me feeling like my old pre-whole30 self, so I'm not sure extending it another 10 days (to make up for the salmon) would really provide any meaningful benefit. I don't have portion sizes or anything like that but here is a snapshot of what I've been eating: M1 - compliant sausage (about a palm sized), two eggs with vanilla bean ghee drizzled over top, and some carrots with roasted red pepper sauce. M2 - left over cinnamon basil chicken from last night and a salad consisting of: baby spinach, celery, carrot, tomato, onion, and guacamole on top M3 - Brown mustard and balsamic vinegar marinaded chicken with a side of green onion and mushroom cauliflower rice. M1- Sausage hash (apple, turkey sausage, kale, butternut squash, onion), one large egg, and a medium avocado M2 - Protein salad (shredded chicken, apple, onion, bell pepper, carrot) with mayo as the creamy base over romaine lettuce M3 - Hamburger (palm size beef burger with portabella bun, compliant dill pickle, onion, tomato, guacamole, and lettuce) with sweet potato dries and chipotle mayo for dipping M1- Compliant sausage patty, two large eggs, pico de gallo, and one medium avocado M2 - Chicken fajita (shredded chicken, peppers, onion, mushroom all with compliant taco seasoning) over butterleaf lettuce, avocado, and pico de gallo M3 - Hamburger again with an asian salad with red pepper mayo as the dressing. I've tried to follow the meal template as much as possible but every once in a while there would be a fat or vegetable missing in one meal of the day. Generally, the vegetable would be missing more-so than the fat. If I don't extend, then I'm going to finish off my whole30 tomorrow and probably do the slow re-introduction. I think I might try again in January after all the holiday festivities, so any ideas why this may have been a bust for me would be appreciated. Maybe there's something I can do differently in January? At this point I'm hoping that my before and after photos will at the very least show some body composition change if nothing else.
  4. This is only a theory, but it could be a response to the physiological stress of taking those food groups out of her diet. We all know that taking out dairy, sugar, grains, etc will most likely cause some psychological withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, and physiological symptoms like fatigue, but I wouldn't be surprised if it could also induce the stress response as well and possibly increase blood pressure.
  5. Tasha30

    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    I'm not sure I remember what exactly I ate on days 11 and 12, but I did finish the smoked salmon frittata only to discover on Tuesday (day 12) that the smoked salmon had sugar in it! I can't believe I forgot to check! I was in such a rush to make my breakfast for the weekend and go back to my hometown that I didn't check to make sure NOTHING had sugar in it! I'm quite bummed about it. While I do think that my increased sugar cravings while in my hometown were mostly psychological warfare, I do think that maybe the sugar in the salmon could have excited my sugar lizard (it doesn't quite breath fire like a dragon). Not that I am back at my apartment the cravings have gone away even though I at the salmon while here, so I've decided to continue with the whole30 instead of starting over. I'm going to continue and see how I feel on day 30, if I think I need more time/don't notice any differences then I'll extend it so that it is a true 30 days with no unintended slips. I am now tracking the day according to when I really started and I am not keeping track of what day this would be if I decide to extend to account for the oversight. So, today is day 13/day 1- I had a NSV today! We had group presentations in one of my classes and one group brought in a whole plethora of sweets! They had cupcakes, candy (Reese's, M&M, Kit Kat, you name it), mini brownies, cookies, and popcorn. Why they decided to do that to me, I have no idea. I did long for all the sweets (I love cupcakes, brownies, Reese's, and M&Ms) and there was a feeling of being left out, BUT they did bring one bag of Cutie's clementines, so I had one of those and told myself that it was enough. M1 - compliant sausage (I triple checked), two eggs with vanilla bean ghee drizzeled over top, and some carrots with roasted red pepper sauce. M2 - left over cinnamon basil chicken from last night and a salad consisting of: baby spinach, celery, carrot, tomato, onion, and guacamole on top M3 - Brown mustard and balsalmic vinegar marinaded chicken with a side of green onion and mushroom cauliflower rice. I did have a fail today. I accidentally doubled the salt in the mayo I made today! It's edible, but very salty. If anyone has any tips on cutting the salt, I'm all ears.
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    Yes, another Coconut Amino Question.

    Ok. Thank you for clarifying for me. I saw "syrup" and got nervous lol.
  7. Hello, So I read the sticky on Coconut Aminos being W30 approved, but I didn't fully understand if the aminos I have are compliant or not based on the sticky, so I figured I'd ask. The sticky states: ".....From there, you can do a few things with the nectar: brew it down with sea salt and water (natural fermentation may be part of this process) and turn it into aminos; dry it and allow it to granulate, turning it into coconut sugar; or sell it as coconut syrup, a liquid sweetener substitute. So technically, all aminos are derived from a sugar source—but not all labels are clear about that. Which means that according to the current rules, some brands of aminos are out, while some are allowed, based solely on the way the companies chose to write the ingredients on the label." Furthermore, unlike the other two forms of coconut nectar, aminos are not a sugar substitute. Would you add it to your coffee or tea, or pour it over berries? (EW.)" The coconut aminos I just bought state the ingredients are organic coconut syrup and Himalayan salt. If I read the sticky right, then coconut syrup falls under the "other" form of coconut nectar and would not be compliant. It says total grams of sugar are 6g and then says under that, that it includes 6 grams of added sugars. So has this been sweetened and therefore is not compliant? I've searched the forums for Coconut Syrup and it seems like no one has asked this exact question in relation to coconut aminos.
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    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    Day 9 - I was still having the psychological cravings for sweets, but held out strong and didn't break my whole30! M1: Skipped because I woke up late and it was nearly lunch time. M2: The Butter Chicken frozen Whole30 meal from Walmart. It was okay, but I don't think I'd buy it again. M3: spaghetti squash, meat, and pasta sauce Day 10 - Did a good job of waking up early enough to eat breakfast. I normally forfeit eating breakfast for more sleep, but I'm trying to make getting all the meals in a priority. M1: 1/4th of smoked salmon frittata, roasted sweet potato, and pico de gallo M2: avocado tuna boat in a romain lettuce leaf with some homemade ranch and a few carrots. Not loving the avocado tuna but I have to eat it so that it is not wasted. M3: ground turkey and compliant sausage mix, two large eggs, pico de gallo, and sweet potato. I found some Whole30 approved marinades for chicken, so they're marinading right now and I'll test them out throughout the week!
  9. Tasha30

    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    Alright, so: Day 7 was a test for me. We had our White Coat Ceremony at school which had a reception full of sweets: brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and all kinds of other really good looking stuff that I would have absolutely loved. It was tempting, but I stayed good and did not indulge in any of it. M1: 1/4th of a 10in smoked salmon Fritatta (smoked salmon, orange and red bell pepper, green onion, capers, dill, salt, pepper, 6 eggs) M2: I did not eat because I was busy at the ceremony and it was time for dinner by the time I got back M3: Spaghetti Squash, a ground turkey and sausage mix, with spaghetti sauce Day 8 was when I noticed that I was thinking about sweet treats A LOT more. I am home from college this weekend and my dad's house/hometown is where I do most of my really bad eating (lots of pizza, McDonalds, dairy queen (soft serve ice cream shop), frozen yogurt, and many other sweets), so I think this is the psychological struggle coming into play since my brain knows this is where I have the bulk of my no-no foods AND my dad and brother only eat fast food and/or order pizza. I made food before I came home so I knew I'd have my approved food to go to, but the pizza and sweets have definitely been on my mind. M1: another 1/4th of the smoked salmon fritatta and some roasted sweet potato M2: The Chicken and Pesto frozen Whole30 meal from Walmart M3: another bowl of the spaghetti squash, meat, and pasta sauce So far I'm not really noticing any changes in energy, mental clarity, or anything like that. I haven't really broken out since started the Whole30, so that is a plus.
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    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    @Jihanna - Thank for all the information! That "copy me that" site is really cool and handy! I'll be sure to check out the other links as well! @Amura - That's a good point. I think I'm going to cut down on the fruit (once I've eaten what I have) and only eat it sparingly. @heb2014 - That allrecipes site sounds very handy, I'll definitely have to check it out! So, day 5 was alright, still no crazy cravings. I did take a one hour nap in the afternoon, but so far so good. M1 was two palm sized compliant chorizo patties, two eggs topped with pico de gallo, and roasted sweet potato. I did not eat meal 2 M3 - was pan 7oz seared chicken breast, roasted sweet potato, and cabbage slaw with roasted red pepper mayo Snack: a handful of grapes. Day 6 has been alright. Still much the same only I had a headache around 3:30pm this afternoon and have a small one right now (11:20pm). M1 11am: Two palm sized chorizo patties with two eggs topped with pico de gallo, one avocado, and cabbage slaw with roasted red pepper mayo Skipped M2 again M3 6:30pm: Spaghetti squash with ground turkey and tomato sauce Snack 8pm: a banana
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    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    Thank for all the tips! I'm definitely going to have to look at the sales ads and try to make meals from those. I think the thing that trips me up is that I've never really thrown my own meals together before, just got fast food, went out to eat, or would make something like a bowl of Kraft Macaroni and cheese and call that dinner. Now I actually have to throw things together, but that's what the internet is for I suppose lol. Well day 3 was fine, still no cravings for the bad things I was eating and I ate the three same meals I did in day 2. It's the end of day 4 now and I'm still feeling fine with no cravings. I will think about the bad stuff and I do find myself looking down the isles I know have candy and baked goods, but no real craving yet. My classmates are going to an ice cream social tomorrow and I'm going to go along to be social, so we'll see if that triggers the cravings. I'm optimistic though since ice cream is not high on my list of favorite sweets. The Meals for today (day 4) were: M1: Last of the frittata and a banana M2: the last of the protein salad M3: Pan seared chicken breast, baked sweet potato cubes, and a cabbage slaw with the roasted red pepper mayo that is in the Whole30 book. How much fruit do you all eat? I know the book says not to have fruit to curb sugar cravings because that is still giving into the mental demand for sugar, but what about on a normal day. So far I've had 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day, but I'm wondering if that is preventing me from kicking my sugar addiction (or maybe is why I'm not having any cravings).
  12. Hello Shannon and thank you for your response, I'll have to call my insurance company to see if a nutrition consult is covered or see how much the out of pocket cost is in the area, but talking to a professional is probably a good idea. In the mean time, I'll try to make sure I'm getting protein, fat, and vegetables in with every meal. If I understand correctly, cooking fat does not properly count as enough fat since some is left in the pan and divided up into however many portions I have?
  13. Hello everyone, I started my whole30 three days ago on Friday and I've read the whole30 book and have been browsing this website for more information and ideas. A lot of the people here talk about their struggle with being hungry more frequently, but I have the opposite problem, I don't feel hungry that often. I don't purposefully restrict food, but I've been an one meal a day girl for as long as I can remember. There are no psychological traumas related to food that has caused this, no one has ever called me fat or commented on my weight as a child, teen, or young adult so that is not a factor. I've just always heard everyone say that we should follow our hunger cues so that's what I do. I know this program suggests that we eat three meals a day but I find that I'm not hungry for that much food. On my first day of the whole30 I ate 1/4 of a 10in Spinach Frittata and a peach as my only meal of the day because I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day and I didn't feel like preparing food that I wasn't hungry for in the first place. On my second day I felt no bad side effects from eating so little the day before, but I made myself eat three meals (another 4th of the frittata and strawberries for breakfast, protein salad with canned chicken, grapes, celery, carrot, and onion over baby spinach for lunch, and spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and ground turkey for dinner). I'm feeling a little more tired today, but still pretty normal. I have eating another 4th of the frittata and a banana so far. I need to eat the protein salad in about an hour if I don't want dinner to be at 10 or 11pm, but I'm not feeling hungry. I used to eat a calorie bomb meal (lots of cheese, carb, fat, and sugar) as my only meal in the past, so I'm not underweight --just tired and sluggish all the time which is why I started this program. I know we're not tracking calories on this program (and I've never been one to really track calories anyway) but now that I'm not eating the high calorie fatty foods, I'm wondering if I should be concerned about how my poor hunger cues are going to affect my ability to get enough calories in a day. Should I just listen to my sporadic hunger cues and eat when I feel hunger --trusting that they will regulate into something normal as the program progresses--, or should I eat three meals a day to "train" them into being more normal and to ensure I'm getting enough calories? I do have excess fat that I can use for energy, but according to the book, my body is not adapted to do that yet. Making myself eat three meals a day is not torture, it's just not particularly enjoyable either, so I'm not going to do it if you guys/the whole30 team don't think there's benefit in doing it or harm in not doing it.
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    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    Thank you for the advice Amura! Day 2 went better food-wise. I ate three meals today and made homemade ranch that tasted better than I thought it would! I thought I was going to feel like crap since a lot of people experience the hangover on day two and I only ate the spinach frittata the day before but I actually felt normal, so that was nice. M1 @1pm: A quarter of the spinach frittata and strawberries M2 @4:30: Protein salad with grapes, celery, carrot, and onion over baby spinach with home made ranch dressing M3 @9pm: Spaghetti squash, tomato salad from the Whole30 book, and ground turkey I'm starting day 3 today. I'm feeling a little tired but that's nothing new for me, so I guess I'm still feeling pretty normal.
  15. Hello everyone! This is my very first attempt at Whole30 and I started today! Sorry for the super long post! A little background on me is that I am a 30 year old (as of Aug, 6th) graduate student who is in my last year of my Doctor of Physical Therapy program. I have eaten almost exclusively processed and sugar laden foods for most of my life as I was a VERY picky eater up until I did a 3 month study abroad in France in 2015. My family lives off of microwave dinners, pizza, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Arbys, and Burger King so I have no idea how to really cook. I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm not overweight/obese is because of my faulty hunger cues (more on that later). My palate has expanded since my time in France and I am eating a wider variety of foods than before, but my diet is still heavily processed since I'm a poor college student, I have poor cooking skills, and processed food is cheap. I also have an enormous sugar dragon that is going to make this VERY difficult. I decided to go on the Whole30 because my life has been lived in constant fatigue and I'm probably a form of malnourished; my weight is normal for my height, and I don't look malnourished, but the constant fatigue, sluggishness, brain fog, few and far between hunger cues, barely managed anemia, and other unpleasantness that I feel indicates that I probably am. I'm tired all the time and I feel like my short term memory is very poor which has been making my time in my doctoral program especially difficult. My blood pressure has also gone through the roof since starting the program (160/100 at the highest) and that's a stroke down the line if I don't get it under control. I'm hoping that I will see improvement in my energy, mental clarity, anemia, and blood pressure first and foremost with improvements in my body composition and acne as bonuses. My first day on the program has been....... so-so, not a fail, but not a win either. So far my first and only meal of the day was 1/4th of the spinach frittata recipe found in the Whole30 book and one peach which I had around 1pm. I had a banana tonight around 9pm, so in that respect, I've stayed compliant and on the program. I know this is not good as I should be having one 3 meals in the day, but I haven't felt hungry (hello messed up hunger cues) and didn't have the ambition to get in the kitchen and make any other food. As I said earlier, my family lives off of fast food so I have very few kitchen skills which means any recipe take AGES for me to make. Even recipes that are supposed to be quick and easy end up taking at least an hour for me. Because I tend to not feel hungry, I just don't eat if I don't feel bothered to make anything which is what happened today. I'm hoping that the Whole30 will fix that problem as I'm sure I'm not eating enough to fuel my body which causes me to be so tied all the time. If I'm too tired then I will ALWAYS sleep instead of eat, which just creates a vicious cycle (I can easily sleep 12-15 hours at a time if I let myself). I'm pretty sure sugar and carbs are all that have been propping me up, so this is going to be brutal. I was going to do the 7 day meal plan that is listed in the book since I'm totally clueless in the kitchen and have no idea how to cook/pair anything to make a meal, but after buying the ingredients for day 1-3 I was floored by the price tag and I've decided that I can't afford to follow that plan. I don't cook so I had to buy EVERYTHING that would probably be in a normal person's kitchen already. The only things I did have prior to starting are a bunch of kitchen gadgets like a food processor, instant pot, and other things from my last attempt of "eating healthy and changing my relationship with food" of a few years ago. Due to grad school my time and budget are very limited; I only work one day a week because school eats all time, so I rely on student loans for most of my expenses. That being said, any tips, tricks, and advice you guys have that can save me time and money are greatly appreciated. For example I learned on the forum today that you can roast half a spaghetti squash in the instant pot which will only take around 10 minutes instead of an hour like in the book, so that was pretty good to know! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from all of you and learning how to eat, live, and feel like a human being.