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  1. We are doing Whole30 as a family, including my 3 and 4 year olds! They have always eaten mostly gluten free, natural sweeteners (maple syrup, raw honey), and no processed foods. People always comment on how impressed they are that our kids eat 85% cacao chocolate and love it, haha. They have been going through an adjustment with no diary in the house and we have cut out stevia, so no "lemonade" for now. They have been trying new veggies and doing so well. I am so excited to see how this broadens their food palate! I also suspect a dairy/gluten sensitivity in my 3 year old, so this will be a w
  2. Let me see if I can remember! I wrote it down, but once it's eaten, I kind of let it go haha Tuesday: Breakfast was 2 eggs, half an avocado, tomato, and 2 of those little yukon potatoes cut up and air fried until crispy with a big glass of water with ACV. Lunch was Tuna with Franks Red, avocado and an apple. Dinner was some of a whole chicken that my husband had roasted, and lots of veggies. The rest of the week was similar, but I can remember more of what I ate Friday on (because I was the primary cooker), and this was around when the stomach stuff began, on Sunday. Friday: breakfast wa
  3. Hi all! First time on Whole30, and I am 6 days in. I have been doing great so far, aside from the past two days, I have had some interesting BMs. I know everyone loves talking about poop, so, let me just dive right in on my introduction post, haha. So I was having some pretty hard to pass ones (due to gluten- I know that it affects my stools and makes them beastly), and so upon getting on the Whole30, I noticed that everything started to, pardon the pun, smooth out a little. And then, I had some weird diarrhea this past Saturday and noticed I had some undigested food particles. It weirded