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  1. @Rebecca001 and @Contessa - thank you. This is exactly what I mean about the support in this community . @Contessa - you have said many things to me, to others, and within your own journal that have helped me realign my own thinking. The above referenced blog post is a must-read. Contessa, the line you quoted is in itself thought-provoking, but the whole paragraph struck a chord: But the Whole30 is not a diet. It’s not a quick-fix. It’s not even a weight-loss program. The Whole30 is designed to change your life. It’s a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your bod
  2. *Sigh. It just wasn't my day. Shortly after I wrote the above post, I returned to my desk, where my boss had left homemade chocolate chip cookies and a "Thanks for all you do!" note. In that moment, there was nothing but the cookies. I ate them. The thing I like best about W30 is the set of rules that are clear-cut. Plus the fact that I've done it enough times now to know that when I do the program, I see the results and it gets easier, sometimes effortless, to stick to. And the extremely supportive community, that over the years has helped me process my missteps and treat myself
  3. This is happening to me, too, but in the opposite direction! You are so close to getting to Tiger Blood - don't you love being able to have a semblance of understanding as to why something is happening in your body and knowing that it's about to get better? Though combining tough days with the onset of our periods is never fun. Ugh! Hoping (knowing!) your days are going to continue to get better!
  4. Fun workout with a friend I haven't seen in weeks - we biked and then did some bodyweight stuff in the yard. We live in the same neighborhood and are very supportive of each other's health goals. We have tried for years to get into a regular routine of walking/biking together, but life often gets in the way. At least we keep coming back to it. Maybe eventually we can make it stick! Today is an out-and-out struggle, and the day has just begun. I slept terribly again last night ( @Rebecca001 - 7% in deep sleep! My best days are around 16%). I woke up to let the dog out at 2 a.m. and
  5. Welcome and congratulations! I'm so excited for you that your family has agreed to do this with you. Some of us keep record in this section, some in the Your Whole30 Log section. I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!
  6. Welcome @Ferdinanthecat! Your story is very similar to mine. 51 years old, 50 pounds to lose (that I've lost and regained, though it was once 90), and long history of binge eating. When I'm eating W30 and W30ish (paleo/primal), binge control is almost effortless. When I fall off, I'm so quickly back to old habits. The good news is that I keep adding more and more pro-health habits to my repertoire and spend less time in the binge cycle than I used to. I've come to regard it as a process for myself and to understand that we are all on our own journeys, and it's ok that mine is imperfect.
  7. I'm back to day 1 - it's ok, though. I had coconut milk in the cabinet that I thought was compliant - added it to my eggs yesterday morning. Then I decided I should check the ingredients when I was going to add to my egg soufflé I made for the week. It has carageenan in it. Thankfully, I had canned milk that does not contain it. So starting from scratch. But at least I was only 5 days in. I had a very lazy weekend. I cleaned, did laundry, and read. Almost no exercise, no socializing. It was nice. I signed up for a spin class last night to take at 6 a.m. this morning - th
  8. I do! I appreciate the ideas. I've fallen into a walk/yoga habit that is easy...I move every day and maintain flexibility/meditation and a little strength, but I'm not as strong/fit as as I once was. A mishmash of health issues (osteoarthritis), weight gain, and angst about getting older and other stuff has rendered me stagnant and with a "woe is me" attitude. Fitness used to be so easy and fun. I long for those days again. I'm not always good about logging in on the weekends, but I am setting a goal for myself to do at least one different exercise activity (WOD roulette, spin clas
  9. I'm glad you found a fairly easy answer to your gastric issues - cabbage! Ugh. I'm laughing at your crack of dawn wakefulness - I want that back! I was thinking this morning that I should have my hubby open the curtains when he gets up so that maybe the morning light will help me get back on schedule again. I think he's just been trying to be nice knowing that I need the sleep. Enjoy the weekend - especially the gardening!
  10. @Rebecca001They do not do outdoor classes, but I wish they did! I have found a few YouTube yoga instructors I really like, and do a class with one of them most days. I like spin class and yoga class, but not much else. Though now I'm intrigued by the idea of doing my own bootcamp outside - my son has all sorts of agility stuff, weights, etc. Once upon a time I had a WOD Roulette app on my phone that would give me different workouts to do... It seems that Rx bars outside of breakfast may be a food without breaks for me. Though, I've most likely not been eating enough food, too many
  11. you have me thinking - I wonder how my tea would taste mixed with a sparkling water?? @SchrodingersCat - not the best idea for reintroduction, but maybe a glass of organic wine to celebrate your birthday? You have time to plan something special for that day!
  12. I'm on day 3 today - looking forward to journey-ing together. Have fun with the meal prep!
  13. I'm very similar - I like my wine and it's fun to share a bottle on the back deck with friends. I'm going to be missing that this weekend! But it does make a difference and it's not hard to replace the wine with something else (currently for me an hibiscus/green tea combo). It sounds like you don't need luck as you know what is ahead and you're looking to the benefits and pay-offs of your choices! Sorry about the running, or rather the hip pain - that stinks!
  14. Yesterday was busy, and I was just exhausted at the end of the day. I always struggle with time changes, but this jet lag seems to be going on forever...I read that women are more impacted than men, and going from a place with lots of hours of daylight to a place with fewer hours of daylight makes it worse. It certainly doesn't help that many days have been dreary-overcast or rainy. Well, I will be thankful that I continue to feel less bloated and more emotionally stable despite the fatigue. And I woke up this morning without the big bags under my eyes I've had the last few weeks! Ye
  15. The different ways of handling the pandemic across the world amazes me - I am so sorry you are completely shut-down again. And how terrible to think there is no end in sight, at least before Christmas. I wish you the best of luck in finding a home in your parents' state. In my little area of the world, school started this week with local numbers 3 times above the threshold set to re-open schools last year. So we have triple the infection rates, low vaccination rates among adults in my area, and a masking "mandate" put in place by the school board, but not upheld by the state government. O
  16. Isn't that the truth!!! It is good to be back, and after a day and a half I'm already feeling better. The water retention is not as bad today, and that helps. I woke up with a terrible headache in the middle of the night, ibuprofen helped. And lots of strong, black coffee this morning. Tired, but I'm feeling better emotionally. I find that when I do good things for myself (eat well, do yoga, walk) I feel mentally better and vice versa. I know that's not an amazing discovery, but it's crazy how true it is and makes me wonder why I can't just stay in this space.... I was tired
  17. Oh the joys of starting over, why do we ever even stop??!! Life, I guess. LOL! I'm glad to read your vertigo is resolving and no headache this morning!
  18. I just looked back at my last log -it's been nearly a year since I've been here (November 3. 2020). I've continued to struggle with my eating, making healthy choices many days, making not so great choices other days. Making more healthy than not healthy choices as evidenced by a 12-pound weight loss, sustained over the summer (yay me, but I need to lose 50). The first part of August, I decided to tackle another W30 beginning Sept 7th. My husband and I just returned a week ago from an Alaskan cruise where I ate all the food, but also got quite a bit of exercise. I knew I would need time to
  19. I'm back to my regular schedule. I ended up having to travel last week. Rxbars for breakfast and lots of Chipotle I had an Rx bar for breakfast this morning, and another Whole 30 bowl from Chipotle for lunch. Meal planning and grocery shopping are on today's to-do list. I've been compliant, getting my steps in, and sleeping really well. My pain is ok, and my energy is great! I haven't had time to contemplate all the What-ifs and Why-is-thises that I usually do. Maybe that's been a good thing - just going through the motions without all the ruminations. Anyway, I'm back on schedule, so
  20. Busy week, forgot to post yesterday, and today is busy, too. Just trying to keep my journal habit this week. Next week will be back to normal. All is going well. My meals are compliant, I'm not really struggling with anything right now (well, maybe a little food boredom....), and my energy levels are great. Still working on the pain/achiness/stiffness but this is much improved over two weeks ago.
  21. Great day yesterday, energy is good. I've discovered Valtoren, the wonder cream for arthritis pain and it, along with the diet changes, have really made a difference in my knees. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction. I slept well again last night. Day 11 M1-eggs and compliant bacon M2-grilled chicken, zucchini, onions, and peppers M3-grilled whitefish and broccoli, maybe some white potatoes fried in ghee.
  22. Last night's last meal took an interesting twist from my original plan. A new Cuban restaurant opened in town, and the hubs offered to pick up carry out on his way home for work. After scouring the menu and talking with the restaurant (her broken English v. my broken Spanish), I opted for the grilled chicken in a criolla sauce - spicy tomato, garlic, and peppers. I was assured that "todas las salsas son sin azucar" or something like that and that the oil they use is lard. I had yucca and plantains as my sides. It was delicious and I haven't felt any ill effects so I'm thinking it's ok. I
  23. Busy day yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to journal. It was a good day, though, wholesome meals and 10,000+ steps. I am starting to have a bit of the GI issues/sluggish digestive system. Still this morning....I'm hoping today will be the end of this. Day 8 M1 - eggs and compliant sausage M2- grilled chicken and avocado salad M3-Grilled chicken with berries over salad greens I slept well last night, and I have a good energy level despite the digestive stuff. Heading to a farmer's market shortly to pick up some winter vegetables! Day 9 M1- e
  24. Magnesium has worked for me, too. I actually have a spray of magnesium oil that I will rub into my legs when I have cramps. I hope you soon figure out what works best for you and are able to get some good sleep again.