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  1. I'm back to my regular schedule. I ended up having to travel last week. Rxbars for breakfast and lots of Chipotle I had an Rx bar for breakfast this morning, and another Whole 30 bowl from Chipotle for lunch. Meal planning and grocery shopping are on today's to-do list. I've been compliant, getting my steps in, and sleeping really well. My pain is ok, and my energy is great! I haven't had time to contemplate all the What-ifs and Why-is-thises that I usually do. Maybe that's been a good thing - just going through the motions without all the ruminations. Anyway, I'm back on schedule, so
  2. Busy week, forgot to post yesterday, and today is busy, too. Just trying to keep my journal habit this week. Next week will be back to normal. All is going well. My meals are compliant, I'm not really struggling with anything right now (well, maybe a little food boredom....), and my energy levels are great. Still working on the pain/achiness/stiffness but this is much improved over two weeks ago.
  3. Great day yesterday, energy is good. I've discovered Valtoren, the wonder cream for arthritis pain and it, along with the diet changes, have really made a difference in my knees. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction. I slept well again last night. Day 11 M1-eggs and compliant bacon M2-grilled chicken, zucchini, onions, and peppers M3-grilled whitefish and broccoli, maybe some white potatoes fried in ghee.
  4. Last night's last meal took an interesting twist from my original plan. A new Cuban restaurant opened in town, and the hubs offered to pick up carry out on his way home for work. After scouring the menu and talking with the restaurant (her broken English v. my broken Spanish), I opted for the grilled chicken in a criolla sauce - spicy tomato, garlic, and peppers. I was assured that "todas las salsas son sin azucar" or something like that and that the oil they use is lard. I had yucca and plantains as my sides. It was delicious and I haven't felt any ill effects so I'm thinking it's ok. I
  5. Busy day yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to journal. It was a good day, though, wholesome meals and 10,000+ steps. I am starting to have a bit of the GI issues/sluggish digestive system. Still this morning....I'm hoping today will be the end of this. Day 8 M1 - eggs and compliant sausage M2- grilled chicken and avocado salad M3-Grilled chicken with berries over salad greens I slept well last night, and I have a good energy level despite the digestive stuff. Heading to a farmer's market shortly to pick up some winter vegetables! Day 9 M1- e
  6. Magnesium has worked for me, too. I actually have a spray of magnesium oil that I will rub into my legs when I have cramps. I hope you soon figure out what works best for you and are able to get some good sleep again.
  7. Yesterday was another good day - lots to do and kept busy with it, moving from task to task on my to-do list. But when it was time to settle down, I devoured all the latest on the riots. Not a good idea before bed. And so I didn't sleep great, lots of tossing and turning, vivid dreams, which happens to me when I'm feeling stressed. Today, I'm going to parse my news with planned bits through the day. I had a good walk with a friend and our dogs yesterday afternoon, and we talked about where we were for all the big events in our life - Challenger explosion, 9/11, etc. And how we found ourse
  8. You saw the signs and knew what to look for - that in and of itself is a huge NSV, knowing what triggers you. And you move on, clean out the spices, restart. Good for you for being true to the program - this would be easy to let slide by.
  9. Wow - I'm so impressed and encouraged to hear how you dealt with all those emotional stressors. Certainly, Wednesday's events were enough to put all of us on edge, but then everything else, too. Good for you for having great go-tos and the strength to go-to them, rather than to food. It's not easy. I find that W30 takes the edge off, or at least keeps me from reaching the highest heights my emotions sometimes take me. W30 is a wonderful thing. And congrats on camel pose! It definitely is a trust exercise!
  10. @LadyWolf0926 I'm sure there was a recipe at some point, but I've been making it for years and have created my own way. I whisk together one can of pumpkin, about 1/2 can coconut milk, 6-8 eggs (depends on what I have left in a carton), cinnamon, and nutmeg. I grease a 9x9 pan with avocado oil spray dump the mixture in, top with pecans if I have them and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until it's no longer jiggly in the middle. I think the original recipe called for separating the eggs and whipping the whites to make it truly a souffle, but I like it just fine wit
  11. Not quite as energetic yesterday, and while my morning walk was nearly pain-free, the afternoon one was not. Baby steps in the right direction, though. It's pretty miraculous to have such an immediate impact from diet change, but I also know it's a process. I say this every time - I don't know why I allow myself to slip so easily back into a SAD...I KNOW it causes my joint pain. The pain sneaks up on me, a little stiffer this day, a little more difficulty sleeping that night, and before I know it I'm right back to baseline. I think I can manage a balance between the ease and yumminess (th
  12. The picadillo was delicious. I fried up some cubed potatoes in olive oil as the base. I will definitely be making that again. I am feeling better - a good energy level yesterday, though a slight headache in the background. Still a little stiff and pretty significant tightness and pain after yesterday afternoon's walk. But this morning was much better - the dog and I walked about 1.5 miles and for the first time in ages I did not have tightening in my low back or hamstrings, no pain in my knees or hips. I kept waiting for things to appear, and noticing every little twinge. I was ge
  13. Point well taken-food as an enjoyable respite, not the main source of joy. The pandemic does make this so much more challenging. I enjoy my daily walks and look forward to weekend hikes with the dog, but the solitariness of it all presents it's own challenges.
  14. I'm also a list-maker/planner, and like you, I love to plan meals but don't always feel like following through when the time comes. The idea of if-then backup meals is a good one. I'll often fall back on leftovers, but I've certainly run into situations where there is nothing quick to make. I do have a few Walmart W30 meals in the freezer, but those are absolute last resort as I really wasn't impressed with them. Your meals sound so delicious! And I'm excited to learn of Chipotle's cauliflower rice - this is the first I'm hearing of it.