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  1. Day 18 M1-egg muffins M2-egg salad over salad, grapes M3-Japanese restaurant-fish and vegetables is the plan.
  2. Interesting note - I was packing grapes for my lunch this morning and I remarked to my husband and son how delicious and sweet they were. Both tried them and said they barely had any taste. I'm guessing it's the lack of sugar in my diet Day 17 M1- 3 egg muffins and black coffee M2 - egg salad over spinach, grapes M3 - taco salad - ground beef, sautéed bell peppers and onions, big salad, fresh pico de gallo. I've been doing well getting a daily walk and yoga. I just started a vitamin D supplement last night and I'm hoping that will help with my fatigue. I was blam
  3. From Monday 10/18 - forgot to hit submit: I'm killing time waiting for a meeting that starts in 45 minutes. I've worried about all weekend. I had breakfast this morning and packed lunch, but I think I'll wait until after the meeting to eat. It's either going to go well and be fairly quick or it's going to go horribly and end quickly (only to have to be rescheduled). I find Sundays to be a little bit tougher - certainly, the work week is easier because it's fairly regimented. And Saturdays I'm often busy with housecleaning, dog obedience class, and then an afternoon or e
  4. It looks like you are off to a good start! I love your goal list and the pesto - yum!
  5. I often don't feel like eating breakfast, either. And the days that I do eat breakfast, it often throws me off for timing my other two meals. I find it difficult to get the portion size just right, so that I'm hungry at the right time. I'm glad your running is coming back. Enjoy the beautiful day!
  6. Day 15 M1-salami, raspberries, and black coffee M2-BLT salad, cashews, grapes M3–pork chops, skillet sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice. meal-prepped egg muffins for breakfast and egg salad for lunch. Overdoing the eggs this week.
  7. Day 14 M1-3 eggs, 3 slices bacon, spinach cooked in olive oil M2-Charcuterie at winery with friends: meats, olives, grapes, berries, cashews. I avoided the cheeses, crisp breads, olives stuffed with blue cheese, and chocolate dusted almonds. And it was fine! M3-Leftover chicken over kale.
  8. For lunch today, I ended up going with Five Guys. Researching on-line, I did find compliant meals for several quick places near me, including Panera, but a juicy Five Guys burger sounded yummy. I did not realize they don't use oil or butter on their grill and no seasonings. Two patties, no cheese, lettuce wrap, with tomato, grilled onions and mushrooms, and mustard. Filling and satisfying.
  9. I use the Headspace app frequently to help me sleep. I discovered last night there are mediations on there for cravings and for mindful eating. I think I will try them. Day 13 M1 final serving of egg casserole. That was really good this week. M2 I would really like to have Panera for lunch, rather than go home. I'm going to see if I can find something compliant on their menu, but if not, I'll go home and make chicken salad over salad. M3 BBQ chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes if I need the extra carbs. Plan for walk, yoga, and bodyweight exercises after work
  10. The day is almost over and I’m just getting to journal. Dense fog this morning, so no walk, but I did get a nice short hike in this afternoon. And yoga. I had routine lab work done yesterday and most of my numbers were good, except my HDL cholesterol was a little high and my Vitamin D was quite low. First time for both. I haven’t been spending as much time outside in the middle of the day and I guess it shows. I haven’t talked with the doc yet-I do not want to take meds for my cholesterol. The other cholesterol numbers were good. This will give me incentive to stay away from the p
  11. I added some body weight exercises to my routine last night. Did not get up to walk this morning, just wasn't feeling it. I woke up, and then just laid in bed trying to go back to sleep, unsuccessfully. Just lazy. Day 11 M1-nothing, I had to do labwork this morning, which required a 12 hour fast. M2-rest of the chicken salad over mixed greens M3 - chicken with Primal Kitchen BBQ sauce, broccoli. Maybe a sweet potato. I have an appointment after work and so probably won't have time to walk or do yoga. A no exercise kind of day.
  12. Mile long pre-Dawn walk this morning. Day 10 M1-egg casserole and black coffee M2-Chipotle W30 chicken bowl. I thought I’d have time to go for lunch, but didn’t. M3- leftover chili over spinach. I made chia seed pudding last night-just the seeds and almond milk. I need to perfect my technique, but it was pretty good. It would be good for breakfast or a snack, especially with fruit added. plan to walk again after work and yoga.
  13. This is also how I find my groove when I get off-track. Return to the habits that set me straight, like you with planning your food every evening. It's a fine balance, intending 100% compliance but being able to quickly restart if you aren't. There are so many cute quotes about success and failure, but there is so much truth in trying again and not letting less-than-perfect derail you. The journaling helps me, too. One of my healthy habits that I return to if things go awry. The motivation is there, or you wouldn't keep coming back. It's just sometimes not easy to bring it to the s
  14. @Rebecca001 I didn't do the class . I just couldn't be brave enough...not yet, anyway. I'm going to keep trying to talk myself into it. I did get up this morning and walk a mile with the dog, though. That's the first time I've done that since early August. It's dark that early, but such a great way to start the day. I've been busy at work and haven't been good about logging in to journal. I've made journaling one of my daily healthy habits to do this week in working toward my "prizes", so I'm going to try to do at least a short entry each day. Day 9 M1-Slice of egg, s