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  1. Another week has gone by...I ended up eating really well all last week, at least until Saturday night. Then I just ate whatever on Sunday. Yesterday, I was generally back on track, but not watching the sweets. I did get a workout in yesterday. In the moment it seems that I've really back slid, that I'm doing terrible, but when I look at the grand scheme, it's not so bad. I've added a power smoothie for breakfast - almond milk, kale or spinach, black cherries, blueberries, collagen powder, and flaxseed. This works well for breakfast, but I think it would hold me over better if I did
  2. I wrote the above a week ago, and spent the rest of the week floundering. I had a couple of good restarts, but just didn't make it through a day. I ended up doing only 2 workouts all week (Monday and Tuesday) and no yoga at all. I was fully back on track with eating yesterday. I didn't get to workout or do yoga, but the work day was too busy for a mid-day workout and I had an after work task I had to do, so it's fine. I've gained back 5 of the official 15 I had lost...but it's better than gaining back 10. Or all of it. I'm sooo tired right now...I think it's because I
  3. @Neanerzzz, what a great idea! I know this will work for me (if I do it!!) Thank you! I'm struggling a bit today...long weekend mini getaway with my mom and daughter, which involved eating out nearly every meal for four and 1/2 days. And missing workout sessions, though I did walk alot. I worked out when I got home last night, so at least there's that. This is a good opportunity to prove to myself that I can be off-track for special occasions, then get myself back together when life returns to normal. I have found that I just don't do well when I'm not home on the weekend t
  4. I have been doing a pretty good job of living Food Freedom. Most of my days are spot on, just where I want to be. It's helping to keep a food log. I'm sticking with the exercise and yoga. I feel really good. I'm now 15 lbs down since January, though there's been some fluctuation within that number. One morning, I was 20 lbs down, but since I haven't seen that number again in over a week, I think I may have been standing on the scale wrong. Otherwise, I'm eating LOTS of vegetables, an occasional taco, a glass of wine here and there. I have had a few "off the deep end" days, but I've re
  5. I ended up making banana muffins and banana bread on Sunday due to an overabundance of bananas. The muffins were gluten and sugar free, made with oatmeal. The bread was a regular recipe bread. I gave away the vast majority of the muffins (all but 4), kept the bread. I kind of gorged on the baked goods on Sunday...then had a slice of bread after dinner on Monday night. Since then, though, I've been back on track. The other thing about Sunday was that my husband wanted to order Italian subs for dinner, I agreed. Hell, I'd already thrown in the towel for the day (old, unproductive mi
  6. It's been an interesting week...I documented the weekend above, then on Tuesday my husband wanted to go out for dinner and drinks for his birthday. I wasn't prepared for that, but I really feel like I did ok with it. My first drink was a vodka with fresh squeezed orange juice-it seemed the best thing on the menu, but I had forgotten about carbs in juice for some reason. Second drink was a vodka and soda. Much better choice carb-wise. We split Korean tacos as an appetizer. After enjoying some time at that place, we went to a different restaurant for dinner. There were so many high-carb
  7. It sounds like things are going well and your food sounds yummy! I'm glad you've been able to get back to running (it's been a while since I've been here, but I remember you were experiencing pain..) Here's to continuing to achieve the NSVs-clearheadness is a great one!
  8. The weekend was a little challenging, in the sense that there were lots of situations posed to me that I could have very easily said, "what the hell" and gone over the cliff. But I didn't. Saturday: I knew I was getting together with friends Saturday night and that we would be having a dinner of cauliflower crust pizza, salad, and a peach vinaigrette dressing that one of my friends found. And we would be drinking wine. I arranged my day carb-wise to account for these: eggs and kale for breakfast, W30 compliant sausages and blistered green beans for lunch. I felt confident and in c
  9. It's generally been a good week, and I've hit my 120g or less of carbs goal every day. Except for yesterday. But I learned a lesson-vegetables have carbs, and when you eat a lot of them, they add up. I figured out my plan for lunch, which involved carry-out. I decided that I could have one piece of bread - it's really good and I felt that it was worth the carbs, I would have meat and vegetables for dinner. When I put my dinner in the tracker, I was 10g over for the day. Bell peppers, onion, tomato, mushrooms, greens...they added up to 27 g total! I wasn't expecting that. But now I know
  10. Continuing to work well within my parameters. I had wings (traditional, with dry rub), a cheesesteak in a salad, and a hard cider this weekend. All worked within my carb limit. This is where I need to decide if I want to go for the full clean-up required for a W30, or hold where I am for a while. The rest of my week, my diet is good. I'm eating lots of vegetables, clean meats, and homemade sauces and dressings. I use W30 compliant ingredients (including spices) because I have them. It is nice to be thoughtful but not really restricted in what I eat on the weekends, though.
  11. I'm a W30 veteran, but haven't actually done a full 30 days in a very long time. I have 6 complete rounds under my belt over the last 10-15 years, but I took about a 5 year hiatus and then started and stopped several times during lock-down. Most recently, I started this past September, but didn't get beyond the two week mark. I ended up back on this forum today. I'm not really sure why. But I do know it helps me to journal. So I'm going to journal here, while I contemplate whether or not I want to start an April W30. Since last September, I've been inconsistent with my eating habi
  12. I think it was yesterday's post from Melissa Urban that talked about, "I'm not drinking right now." I decided to try that with sugar. So, "I'm not eating sugar right now." I put a red hair band around my wrist that will serve as my visual reminder for the month of November. It comes down to making the decision at each moment. I am usually really good at making the pro-health decisions. But when I'm not, I'm all in to the bad choice. So for now, I'm going to choose not to make the bad choice and remember that I'm going to be mindful and conscious of the choice by wearing the red band.
  13. @Rebecca001 - I fell from grace. On Day 25. I made the mistake of buying Halloween candy early, overconfident that I could handle having it in the house. I had bought the candy Monday and it lasted until Wednesday night - then I discovered that I could not handle having it in the house. But really, I think I didn't want to handle it - I wanted those creamy, coconut-y Almond Joys. And then I struggled so to get back on track, I think because in the back of my head I wanted to eat whatever I wanted until I could get to today. November 1 and Monday, the perfect time to restart. Head games t
  14. Nothing much to say today. I didn't get around to poaching the chicken thighs - MUST DO TONIGHT. I also didn't make it to the produce stand-another must do, but at least I'll be coming home from that direction tonight. M1-Nothing yet. I was not hungry this morning and so chose to sleep rather than get up and make breakfast. M2-Grilled chicken salad M3-Carnitas tacos tonight-didn't have the collards to make the shell portion happen last night. And there is still ALOT of pork left. It's soo good, but no one else eats it - I don't understand why. My husband must think it's