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  1. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    It's been less than an hour and I'm journaling again.... I read through some of the other journals and became inspired reading about how quickly changes were noticed. I remembered that 6 weeks ago I had planned to look at and possibly buy one or two Whole 30 books, that I should listen to music everyday on my healthy habit list, and that I should return to tracking pain and energy levels, and add mood to that. Current pain=0, energy=5 (I'm inspired, so a little higher than it has been), mood=5. I was a 3 this morning, but again, feeling inspired has helped. So since my last post 58 minutes ago, I've: Ordered the Whole 30 Day-by-Day and Food Freedom books, will arrive tomorrow Fixed and ate lunch-2 hotdogs with saurkraut, leftover risotto. My victory here is in not grabbing a handful of Skittles or a bag of chips and actually thinking about and preparing (albeit microwaving) lunch. I almost threw away the risotto, but decided not to - I'm not officially on Whole 30 yet, risotto is one of my favorite foods and I am really good at making it (it will be missed!!!), and it's a little too expensive to waste, given the ingredients in it. Finished one liter of water Set my alarm for 4:00 pm to go for the second mile walk of the day. Turned on some music Going to refill my liter bottle and do some work this afternoon. I feel that a weight is lifted. Maybe when I get back here, I'll set a date to set my Whole 30.
  2. MadyVanilla

    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    I just read through your entire journal - it's so awesome how far you've come in NINE days! The drop is blood sugar is amazing, and your meal choices have really evolved, lol. This has been very inspirational for me. I stopped in the middle of your journal and ordered two of the Whole 30 books. I've done Whole 30 several times before, but have really been on a downward spiral of terrible junk food choices (yesterday's breakfast was leftover birthday cake, lunch was a McDonald's two cheeseburger meal with large fries and sweet tea, dinner was a bag of guacamole chips). I came back to this forum and to my journal to try to kickstart myself. I look forward continuing to read about your journey!
  3. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    And now it's almost 6 weeks since my last post. I have been really struggling. I don't know why I can't get myself in the right frame of mind. It's so easy to grab something unhealthy - some chips, a piece of leftover pizza - and think, "I'll get it together for next meal" or "I'll start tomorrow" And yet getting it together or starting hasn't happened Ugh!!! I'm so frustrated with myself. I decided last night (as I finished off my dinner of a bag of guacamole chips), that I would focus on behaviors that help me feel healthy. Sometimes, I am so lazy about making a good meal, even though I know how to do it and can put something together rather quickly. With ingredients that I have around the house. Without needing to reference a recipe. I just would rather grab something and not spend even 5 minutes putting together something nourishing. That's just pure laziness. Once I decided that I was going to make a list of healthy behaviors to check-off daily I felt pretty excited. I woke up a few times last night thinking about it. That's what I don't get - if I'm excited about being healthy and I know how to do Whole 30/paleo-type lifestyle and I know it makes me feel amazing, why am I sabotaging myself over and over and over again???? Here is the list of healthy, daily behaviors that I set up in the Reminders app on my phone. These are all things that I enjoy when I'm in the right frame of mind and contribute to me making positive choices for myself, building upon themselves: -Wake between 5:00 and 6:30 am (whatever time I naturally awaken) - DONE -Walk, accumulating at least 2 miles in any way - I like best to walk the dog a mile when I wake up, then two more 1 mile walks during the day, but sometimes we go on actual 3+mile hikes. I have osteoarthritis, so how I feel on a given day contributes to how long I walk. - One mile done -Take blood pressure reading, take bp meds, weigh myself put in tracker - DONE I have discovered that I am a person that should weigh myself daily. I have a solid understanding of weight fluctuations and don't get upset about ups and downs on the scale. It's just a number to me - BUT, not weighing myself allows me to deny and avoid my heaviness. I can put on a pair of yoga pants, brush my hair, look in the mirror, and feel decently presentable. It's not until I see a picture of myself smiling or of my whole body that it hits my how heavy I am. The scale, while I do avoid it when I'm sabotaging myself, is like a photograph for me - a reality check. -Eat a low-carb breakfast, meaning one filled with proteins and vegetables. I have not been very gung-ho about cooking breakfast lately, so I'm either going to eat leftovers or just cook something. Seriously, I can scramble eggs and spinach and have it all cleaned up in 10 minutes. - Coffee only, not hungry this morning. This is ok for today, as long as I follow through with making myself lunch. When I'm following a paleo-type lifestyle, I tend to do best with eating two big meals a day. For now (well, after today), and during Whole 30, I'll do 3 meals. -Drink two liters of water -Journal - what I'm doing here, I really need to explore this laziness and self-sabotage. That can happen here - DONE -Talk or message with at least one other person outside my home - DONE -Do a chore - laundry in process -Practice Spanish - I've been working on learning Spanish for several years now, and I really enjoy practicing it. A mentally healthy activity for me. -Fix lunch - honestly, at this point it doesn't matter to me what kind of lunch as long as I get myself putting a little effort into making something. I set an alarm for noon. -Do yoga. A lifesaver for me, and yet, despite having time during the pandemic, I'm too lazy to do this many days. -Fix dinner. Again, just get off my butt and fix something. My best afternoons are: finish work, go for a walk with the dog, do yoga, fix dinner. Each flows nicely into the next. If i did this every day, I'd be in a really good place. So that's my list. If I do these things, I feel better and have more energy. If I don't do these things, I'm being a lazy lump. I need to take Nike's "Just Do It" to heart. What am i doing instead? Reading or playing games on my iPad. Nothing productive. The reading is nice, but I certainly have plenty of time to do that even if I were to do the things on my list plus work. The playing games is a timewaster. I spend soo much time in my own head, and the game play just allows me to do that. I must get out of my head a little. Journaling will help a little, I think. My goal (I wrote hope, went back and changed it to goal) is to regain some energy and desire to do a Whole 30. I know that it only takes me 3 days of eating nourishing foods to start the positive cycle. I think the fact that I know that contributes a little to my self-sabotage - only 3 days, I can start on that ever elusive tomorrow.... I am miserable. I have gained so much weight. I really hate seeing myself smile, seeing pictures of myself as my face is so bloated and puffy. My clothes consist only of yoga pants right now (quarantine-wear, but it won't be long before I need to get back into other clothing). My blood pressure is not well-controlled. I worry about my health. I'll be 50 this summer. I have a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. My knees and hip hurt tremendously when I don't walk and when I carry this extra weight. I like vegetables and nourishing foods. While I have a huge sugar monster, I don't miss sugar at all when I'm eating well. This terrible junk food diet that I'm currently on is almost like an act of defiance. But defiance against what? Myself? I'll have to come back to this when I'm ready. This is related to spending so much time in my own head. That's all for now. I'm not going to limit myself to journaling once a day if I think I want to come back here again later.
  4. MadyVanilla

    Like an Onion

    I needed to read this. I'm puttering around saying, "Ok, I'm getting ready to start....ok, not now, but wait, wait, now...." for the last week. I have no excuses, I know how to do this. Just need to get off the pot. I haven't finished reading through so I don't know what happens, but thinking of light and hope for you and your family.
  5. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Working at home, the days just slide by... Monday I did not start Whole 30-It was a rainy, dreary day and I had to give blood at 9:00 am. I've really gotten used to lounging around until 10:00 or so. I completely forgot I was doing Whole 30 and ate my usual Nutter Butters offered in the cantina after the donation was complete. Also, my new Instant Pot arrived (first time user!) and I needed to read and investigate how to use it. No exercise all day - I wasn't feeling it. Lesson learned: While I don't have to check labels or struggle to come up with meal ideas, I DO need to put some thought into this program. Since I haven't been thinking or planning, this wasn't at the forefront of my mind. Tuesday was a new day - I used a sweet potato that I cooked in the Instant Pot to make a breakfast casserole. Lunch was leftover Mexican (compliant) and dinner was grilled chicken and salad. I was really hungry in the evening and reached for some almonds - they were honey-roasted and I didn't think anything about it until a handful or so in...*sigh. I really need to put more effort and thought into this if I want to be successful. Exercise was good - upper body workout in the morning, hour long walk on the treadmill due to the threat of storms, and then a 90-min yin yoga class. So today is another new day. Once again, I haven't really been thinking about doing Whole 30. I need to buy one of the new books to read to help engage myself. Pain=0. Though I had to take ibuprofen last night so I could sleep. Energy=7. Not as good as it could be, but I've got enough energy to do a lot of little chores in between work sessions today. Breakfast-Casserole made yesterday: 1 sweet potato, 1 zucchini, 1 onion, 6 eggs. Cooked and cut into 4 pieces for 4 days. Lunch-leftover salad from dinner Dinner-Cod fish and salad Snack if I need it: hot tea I did my upper body work out this morning. Plan to go for a walk in a little while. I'm hoping to get a yoga session in, but it depends on how long I'm walking and how I feel afterward. Plan: Investigate Whole 30 books to help me get in the right mindset. I should also make a plan of meals for the week and post it on the fridge so I'm not eating mindlessly.
  6. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    The last time I did Whole 30, I used the mail-order meal prep kits for most of my dinners. I think it's a great way to save time and energy and to eat great foods!
  7. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    A bit of a bp scare this morning, with it so elevated. I called the doctor and did my first ever telehealth visit. I'm back on bp meds. Ugh. Plan to do a grocery order today. T-3 days pain - 0. Yesterday was a good day - I was able to walk a little over 3 miles with very little pain. I didn't even do yoga last night, watched a movie with the family instead. I slept ok, but woke up with a mild headache - and the elevated bp. Energy level - 7. About ready to go for my daily walk. Focusing on drinking water today.
  8. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    So Day 1 started beautifully, I got all my exercise in, but it turns out that I really can't start effectively without preparation. I had crab dip leftover and it's too expensive to throw away...that ended up being my dinner. Not terrible, except that it's made with regular mayonnaise, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese. So there's that. Revised plan - take the rest of this week to get myself in gear, plan meals for next week and a shopping list, enjoy a few more cups of coffee with cream and a few more glasses of wine, and be ready to start on Monday. I'll still journal to track my pain, since that and my blood pressure are the reasons I'm doing this. And also all of the other wonderful NSV that go along with eating so much healthier. Plus, I know that with journaling even if I'm not yet following Whole 30, I'll still be more aware of what I'm eating. Countdown T -4 pain - 0, but I also took ibuprofen at 5:00 am after not being able to get back to sleep for over an hour due to extreme achiness on my right side, which is not typical. My bp was much better today, not sure why. I did try to drink more water yesterday and definitely ate less food - just eggs, salad, crab dip. Maybe that's why? Exercise plan: Push-up training - done Walk Yoga
  9. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    Today, I'm starting my 5th or 6th Whole 30. I decided to do this last night and so these first few days are going to be pulling things together that I have at home. My last Whole 30 was in September, and I still have a jar of ghee and Paleo seasonings that I can use to get started. I've been working at home since March 16th due to Covid-19. I have made it a habit to walk the dog for about an hour and then do an hour of yoga most days. My eating has not been over-the-top crazy and yet, I've gained weight. I think because I have created a decent schedule for myself, I'm not doing boredom snacking. At the same time, I must be eating more calories at each meal. I've also definitely been indulging in too many chips and too much dessert. And grains-I've been having some form of bread/pasta/cereal with most meals. I started out with big bagels and naan, re-thought what I was doing and switched to bagel thins only. It's funny how I deluded myself into thinking I was eating ok when really I was not. I gain weight very easily and retain water like a camel. The kicker for me was yesterday on two fronts. I manage osteoarthritis in my knees and hips with a combination of diet and exercise (including yoga). I was also diagnosed with hypertension last summer, but lost 25 pounds through the fall and was able to get off medication. I knew I had gained some of it back (16 pounds as of this morning, since Christmas) and was starting to be concerned about my blood pressure. I ordered a blood pressure monitor. So yesterday, I was experiencing a lot of joint pain and had to cut my walk short. I haven't had to do that in a while. I know it's the cumulative effect of the wheat I've been eating. The bp monitor had arrived when i got back home from the walk - no surprise that my bp was elevated. I'm sure that's because I've gained weight. And been eating foods high in sodium. And not drinking as much water as I should. It's time to get back on track. I'm really pretty good at creating Whole-30 compliant meals. I like meat and vegetables and I also like to cook. I receive a Misfit Market box of fruits and veggies every two weeks. I have an account with Thrive Market. My challenges are my husband and teenage son who do pretty much everything they can to sabotage healthy eating habits. I also have a pretty fierce sugar dragon, but I have learned that three days of Whole-30 sends it back to the cave (staying there is another issue!). My final challenge is my love of wine. This one is the hardest for me - I enjoy collecting, pairing with foods, sharing with friends. I rarely have more than one glass a night, and often plan my meals around the bottle that I open (since I'll have it available for 3 nights!). I can survive by substituting a seltzer water with fresh fruit. I do not view wine as a SWYPO food even though I will miss it. It's a hobby I won't be indulging in for the next 30 days. I'll have to be happy with researching and adding to my collection. During my last Whole 30, I journaled my pain and energy levels, because I was really in a bad place when I started. I'll do the same this time, though my energy is pretty good and my pain is tolerable. After the first 2 weeks of quarantine, I've been sleeping more hours. I've gone form an average of less than six a night to more than seven, sometimes eight hours. Pain is an issue at night though, and sometimes wakes me up and prevents me from falling back asleep unless I take some ibuprofen. I try to avoid medications when at all possible. Today is Day 1: Pain-3, annoying headache (due to high bp or bad weather?) and some achiness in hip joint Energy-7 I didn't have any trouble getting up and was eager to do this mornings workout. I'm looking forward to my walk this afternoon. Breakfast-3 scrambled eggs over salad with avocado dressing and coffee Lunch-leftover potroast and a vegetable Dinner-leftover ham and steamed broccoli Beverages - lots of water, cut-up orange slices to put in Cranberry-lime seltzer water Exercise-20 minute upper body routine this morning, walk the dog this afternoon, yin yoga video after walk.
  10. MadyVanilla

    First Journal

    Tuesday's meals: coconut milk and OJ smoothie Leftover beef for lunch Home from work early due to horrible headache - carb flu, plus no caffeine, plus impending bad weather? I went to bed and slept for over an hour. Dinner was some chicken breast, then back to bed for the night. I woke up this morning with the same pounding headache, just trying to push through. I've had some green tea this morning, which helped a little. Same breakfast salad with chicken, olives, olive oil for lunch - I did take a 5 minute walk to go get my lunch. It's blustery outside, but I think the fresh air helped a little. Pain = 5 (headache), energy 3
  11. MadyVanilla

    First Journal

    Actually starting Jan 6. Lot’s to catch up on , but for now, reporting what I ate today: Kale and orange juice (just a little) coconut milk smoothie Chicken and broccoli Ground beef, zucchini, cauliflower rice, avocado No workout Pain 1, energy 3.
  12. MadyVanilla

    First Journal

    A quick entry to say I’m committing to another Whole 30 starting Jan 2.
  13. MadyVanilla

    First Journal

    I was so tired all day yesterday, even took a short nap over my lunch break. I felt a little better after that. I loaded my plate with veggies last night and ended up not being able to eat them all because I was stuffed. But then I went for two handfuls of mixed nuts. Craving something else to eat even though I had just gotten rid of the last 1/2 cup of vegetables-I think that was a leftover vestige of the sugar high. I slept well last night and woke up ready to go this morning. I wasn't hungry for breakfast, so didn't eat anything. I will have done a 15-hour fast by the time I eat lunch in the next hour. I'm starting to get hungry now. Amazingly, I'm feeling much better today, more like how I've been over the last few weeks. I'm glad it hasn't taken me long to bounce back. My skin is a different story, however. A major breakout. I never realized my skin was so sensitive to diet. Day 2 Energy-9, Pain-0 B-Not hungry, didn't eat L-Chicken salad over a variety of raw vegetables D-Taco salad I need lots of vegetables and water to get my skin back on track! Is off-roading even worth the aftereffects? I'm questioning that... I may take a yoga class tonight. I still have a lot to do for Mom's arrival tomorrow. I also have my first physical therapy appointment and a chiropractor appointment tomorrow.
  14. MadyVanilla

    Tevenie's Whole30 Diary

    If you google search peas and Whole-30, you'll find the "Can I have..." forum for green peas. I think your decision to just keep going is a good one. I seriously doubt you are in danger of doing what my mom used to do when she was on Weight Watchers back in the 1970s...she would open a can of peas or green beans and eat them right out of the can, cold, because she was so hungry!
  15. MadyVanilla

    First Journal

    I'm going to be journaling everyday for the next week or so...I had a bit of a rough weekend. Friday was a planned off-road day due to a Halloween party I had at our house. Most of the menu items were Whole-30 friendly (Chocolate chili, harvest chicken salad, green salad), but I also made a caramelized onion and bacon dip (with bacon, cream cheese and sour cream and gluten-free crackers) and a broccoli salad (with bacon and a little honey in the mayo sauce). Additionally, the specialty drink was a pumpkin spice martini (lots of cream-based alcohol and sugar syrup). Additionally, I made a pumpkin spice ice tea with some keto-friendly maple syrup as a sweetener. Friends brought low-carb and low-sugar dishes (chicken and zoodles, butternut squash casserole, meat and cheese platter) dependent upon the diets they follow, too. I did not go crazy with the food, had a martini, drank some wine, and really, really enjoyed the company of my friends! Saturday morning, I ate some chicken salad for breakfast, drank a cup of the iced tea and cleaned up the party. There were tootsie rolls leftover in bowls (needed for a party activity that did not involve eating them!), as well as mixed nuts. I decided to gather all the tootsie rolls into one bowl and leave them on the counter for my son and husband to eat. For lunch, I ate a big bowl of the leftover broccoli salad (even though I was well aware it was not Whole-30 compliant - it was paleo and I didn't want to waste it because it's so good), with another big cup of the tea. My afternoon and evening was busy, dinner was a Whole-30 compliant coconut shrimp and cucumber salad. We went over to a friend's for a fire - I brought the bottle of leftover wine that was too expensive and too good to let go to waste. I finished that bottle of wine (about 2 glasses) then switched to water. All was good. In my mind, I knew I would need to get back to strict by Monday (still some tea and broccoli salad left), but was proud of myself for off-roading pretty well and thought that if this was Food Freedom, I could really enjoy and live this way. Additionally, I hadn't felt any ill effects from Friday's night's excess of sugar and the little bit of dairy in the martini. Sunday was another story. I hadn't slept well, skipped a planned breakfast with my dad and brother. It was a dreary, rainy day and seemed a good day to read a book. So that's mostly what I did. I again had chicken salad for breakfast and another cup of pumpkin spice tea. About mid-morning the tootsie rolls on the counter were beginning to bother me...none seemed to have been eaten. I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts and went back to my book. I interspersed some chores in with reading, and then for lunch, finished the broccoli salad and another cup of tea. I decided that since I was trying to avoid the tootsie rolls, I should try some of the bacon dip. I hadn't eaten any of it anyway, and I had lots of veggie dippers that I could eat with it. So I did that. I went back for more and added the gluten-free crackers, since I was already off-track. And besides, they were made of rice and nuts. The rationalizations were strong. About mid-afternoon, my son came in and I asked why he wasn't eating the tootsie rolls (still on my mind!). He said he didn't like them - I should have thrown them away right then. Instead, I decided to eat two, since I was off-track anyway and tomorrow was a new day. Well, I ended up eating all of them (about 20). Nearly immediately, I became sleepy and had a stomachache (maybe the cheese and sour cream in the dip?). I slept for about 2 hours last evening, and still had an upset stomach this morning. Lessons learned-while one day of off-road is ok, I can't tolerate even small amounts of sugar over the course of a few days. My sugar dragon takes very little to be awakened. And then it tricks me into rationalizing my actions. I really need to do the off-day and get back on course for a day or two before indulging again. Even things that aren't sugar but taste sweet (the keto syrup in the tea) have an adverse impact on me. My best bet is to send home non-compliant things with friends, freeze leftovers if I'm able, or just throw them away. The one positive was that I was finally hungry for some dinner last night around 9:30 - all that sounded appealing was a steak-um with some Primal Palate gyro seasoning. So at least I wasn't still wanting to hit up the sugary stuff. Today, I have that old feeling of a sugar hangover. Fuzzy headed, dull headache, tired, crampy stomach, low energy. I do not want to go back to living every day like this - this is awful. Day 1 (though I'm not planning to do another Whole 30 until January - I'm still going to track the number of days of Whole-30 compliant eating) Energy-5, pain-0 (at least the gluten-free crackers had their place! haha) B-chicken salad, water L-Chipotle bowl D-Mediterranean lemon chicken with veggies Exercise-yoga.