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  1. I think I was one of the subjects in those food scientists' studies....I was part of the experimental group that bought all the reduced rate Halloween candy on November 1. I vaguely remember waking up from a sugar coma once or twice () surrounded by mini M&Ms and Almond Joy wrappers.... Almond butter and cashew milk - that sounds like some kind of special smoothie or milkshake in the making. With a dash of black coffee....hmmm, that has potential....
  2. I finished the fondue for breakfast, and will finish my dairy-based coffee creamer this morning. And I *have* to eat black-eyed peas for dinner...good luck for the new year and all that. But I'm mentally ready to begin tomorrow. I was inspecting my skin in the mirror earlier, noticing how puffy and pasty I look. And such achiness from my hips down. I'm ready. Meal prep for today - I'll make mayonnaise, poach chicken breasts, roast sweet potatoes, and cut vegetables. Also, 30 days of yoga starts today.
  3. Oh my goodness, the soups! Inspirational, and so lovely to have that option. It is strange to think of 2020 as having a silver lining - the time for self-refection and contemplation. I often wonder how I'll go back to working outside my home, as the daily routine seems so sane now. How will I have time for the walks? And I can't imagine frequent travel as part of the daily grind... Savor your Whole 30, the time to prepare and enjoy wholesome meals. Your first day's foods sound delicious!
  4. Today's task is to order groceries. And I think also to clean out the refrigerator, cabinets, etc. For instance, there are snickerdoodles that I made for my daughter over a week ago sitting on the counter on a Christmas plate. They are going in the trash today. There is a bag of salt & vinegar chips, mostly crumbs, in the cabinet. Fudge in a tin on the counter. All of that can go right in the trash, with no reservations. I don't typically throw away junk food when I start a W30 because my husband continues with SAD and complains heavily if I get rid of his cookies and chips. Though
  5. Another recipe that I added to next week's meal plan: Today's plan involves creating my grocery list. I have lots of Primal Kitchen and Tessamae sauces and dressings in the cabinet, compliant broths, coconut oil, ghee, all the staples. Last round, I bough umami powder which has been a great seasoning to add to various dishes. And Hawaiian sea salt to make Kahlua Pig. That will be a meal later in the 30 days-one of my favorites. The good thing about the pandemic and the holiday season is that we didn't have any parties, and s
  6. Thank you, @Contessa. You have been such a wonderful support and mentor for me through this process of life change. Appropriately for some, W30 is a 30-day reset. For others, like me, it is a striving toward wellness. Your message of self-kindness and gentleness has stayed with me, even during my months away from here. @LydiaJo - thank you! I've found that I land closest to my ideals when I make - and write out! - a plan for myself. Here are two recipes I found yesterday that I want to try next week. I'll make mayonnaise as part of my preparation. And chicken salad
  7. Restarting a journal is my first step toward starting my next W30 on January 2. My ultimate goal is to live close to W30/paleo most of the time, but I constantly struggle against myself and my addiction to sugar and processed foods. Part of the issue is that I'm lazy and don't like to spend the time prepping and cooking and part of the issue is self-sabotage. I use this journal to track my foods, work through my challenges, and keep myself accountable to myself. Even though I fall off and disappear (I haven't posted since early November), the fact that I come back and start again is a win
  8. I do this, too. I love coffee-especially with cream, but I can drink it black. Every so often, though, it starts to taste strange and I think it's time to take a break. So, I'll break for a few months and then start back up again when I feel like having a cup. I've never seen any real difference in myself on or off coffee. Congratulations on the packing! What an achievement, especially given you're recovering from Covid. And an even bigger achievement to maintain the healthy habits. I think it is one of those irrational beliefs that people (me!) have that when time gets short, li
  9. Congratulations on the house! I love the idea of only keeping clothes that "fit magnificently" - what a chore to be cleaning out, packing, moving but it sounds like you are embracing it whole-heartedly.
  10. You are getting so much exercise! I know what you mean about letting yourself go in was a tough time, full of fearful unknowns. You are working yourself back to where you were. Enjoy the visit with your family!
  11. Yogi brand has an Egyptian Licorice tea that is caffeine-free and delicious. It has a sweetness to it that I can't access unless my diet is free of sugars (if that makes sense). Apple cider sounds yummy, too. I;m looking forward to fall - these hot, muggy days are endless... I signed up/paid for a virtual 5K in October - so I MUST train! I don't mind the first few weeks 60 -90 secs of running at a time on the c25k. I'm glad you are doing it to! The corn...there is such a difference between corn chips and locally-sourced in-season corn-on-the-cob. It's surprising that corn wou
  12. I'm so inspired that you are on Day 9! I've been away, partying it up (), and had promised myself all along that today would start a new W30. I'm dragging my feet, but I made it back to the forum. Reading about your meals and NSVs is so encouraging. Yay on acquiring all the steps!
  13. I think the pandemic has made me realize that even though I'm an introvert, connections to others are so very important to my well-being. You are doing good things for yourself, preparing nourishing foods, concentrating on wellness goals. It's so challenging to actually feel emotions and not be overwhelmed by them or try to avoid them in some way. I love that you noted that as an NSV.
  14. I find that if I am eating compliant meals, I can come away from a brief interlude with sugar much more easily. It sounds like you are doing that. And I agree, the ability to put together a compliant meal with minimal thought is a huge victory!! Enjoy your mini vacation! On Monday, we will both be ready to get back on board!
  15. Figuring out how to do this effectively and healthily is just as important for some of us as reduced inflammation, clear skin, high energy...I would consider this an NSV. Yay you! And now back to Day 1!
  16. I love fried, slightly charred banana with cinnamon mixed into scrambled eggs. I will try throwing in some raisins next time. Congrats on the five year anniversary!
  17. Every day you're moving closer to tackling your next W30...but my goodness, your meals sound so delicious and wholesome. This is the type of day I will be striving for when I'm practicing Food Freedom...nourishing, yummy meals and rich, worth-it snacks.
  18. But is it going to be the good, worth-it ice cream? It sounds like you are getting lots of movement in, despite the heat. That's awesome. Nothing to say here, except yep, it's awful. But necessary. I so struggle with this, too.
  19. That. Is. Beautiful. I could never survive living in Germany...filled butter cake?? As if the plum cake isn't tough enough to resist...
  20. Reading through your posts I realize how right you are with what you wrote in my journal - we are not alone in this. I would have to agree that spending time in the presence of teenagers is so refreshing! The shepherd's pie sounds delicious! It's meals like that that are so filling and nourishing and just plain satisfying. Here's to meeting your goals, and if you don't letting it go and trying again. The sugar dragon will be tamed!
  21. The cravings/dreams are the killer, but I too have experienced that divine intervention that saved me from breaking the W30! Tiger Blood at it's best is a feeling that you can do anything, that you have the energy, motivation, will power, strength, stamina, etc to accomplish your goals. It manifests differently for everyone - for me, it's a general sense of peacefulness, of feeling settled into W30 and able to choose foods wisely and without much effort or cravings. I've read of some experiencing boundless energy and others uncertain that they've ever reached this stage. You spoke ear
  22. Recalling, restarting, re instituting those healthy habits that work. The NSVs are what keep us coming back!
  23. I agree with this 100%. If it's an enjoyable and compliant alternative that doesn't send me into a sugar-seeking frenzy I think it's a win! I wasn't here over the weekend, so I had to catch up on your entries...I have to say, I was laughing at the image of carrying a breastfeeding one year old while trying to make a three year old eat something that did not resemble a cartoon character's meal. Ahh, I remember those days! Great job on your first week, with all the challenges you encountered. I do find that eating more fat (more than I thought I ever should) is more cost-effective