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  1. My main issue yesterday was being terribly bloated and gassy...the significant increase in vegetables, I imagine. And tired and achy. I could barely ride my bike 3 miles around the neighborhood. I didn't dare try for more than that. I know this is all part of the process, and it tells me I'm on the right track. If I need to take a nap today, I have time in my schedule to do so. Day 6. Feeling a little blah. Slight headache. Not as tired as I expected to be. No pain/achiness this morning. M1-scrambled eggs and compliant bacon in olive oil, over a big pile of arugula and to
  2. I didn't post yesterday just because I sometimes don't make time to get on the computer on Sundays. Day 3 went well, as did yesterday. I went on a lovely 4 mile walk through a local arboretum, experiencing all the lovely colors of fall. Not only was it good exercise, but good mentally, too. Day 5 - already. I said yesterday went well, but I was mildly tempted by the thought of Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins. I drove past several billboards advertising another week, they will have no impact on me whatsoever. The beauty of W30-taming the sugar dragon. M1-3 egg
  3. Your meals are so wonderfully autumn! The carnival squash with apples and cranberries sounds delicious!
  4. I do this, too. I love coffee-especially with cream, but I can drink it black. Every so often, though, it starts to taste strange and I think it's time to take a break. So, I'll break for a few months and then start back up again when I feel like having a cup. I've never seen any real difference in myself on or off coffee. Congratulations on the packing! What an achievement, especially given you're recovering from Covid. And an even bigger achievement to maintain the healthy habits. I think it is one of those irrational beliefs that people (me!) have that when time gets short, li
  5. Day 2 went well. I ended up having day 1 leftovers for dinner, which were just as good the second time. I slept terribly last night-I woke up almost instantly each time I drifted off to sleep. Finally, I got up, got a handful of almonds and 2 dates and read for a while. Sleep was still rough. I slept later than normal as a result, and so didn’t do a morning dog walk. Even so, I feel fine. I’ve planned meals and ordered groceries. I’m taking the dog for a long hike in a little while. Planning a campfire dinner this evening with a friend who is doing Whole 30ish eating. She assur
  6. I had such a delicious Day 1 dinner last night - I pan seared the tritip steak in my cast iron skillet, and then finished it in a hot oven. Oven baked sweet potatoes, and broccoli, both dressed with just salt, pepper, and ghee. So very simple and yet so yummy! Pumpkin spice rooibos tea for dessert. I know I need to check the tea - there are no sweeteners, but it's not an officially approved brand. For the moment, I'm glad that I was able to be satisfied with the tea as opposed to ice cream. I got my 10,000 steps in plus a short yoga session. No headache today, I slept more than 8
  7. Me, too. I really do feel better in my body when I'm not moving much, because then I'm not dealing with the achiness from my bones rubbing together (osteoarthritis). Except that when I am exercising regularly and eating well, I can move more easily. I can get up from a chair and walk without having to wait for everything to loosen first and I can walk up and down stairs like a normal person. Reducing the dietary causes of inflammation helps tremendously, but I still get the physical trauma inflammation because no matter what, my knees are going to swell as a result of the reduced cartilage
  8. Seriously? Star plank is everyone's fitness level??? Uh, no. Good for you for pushing through! You'll get better every single day!
  9. We are on about the same timeline - I started today, with the same thinking about Thanksgiving. Looking forward to following along with your journey!
  10. Off and running with day 1.... And I have a headache. I was thinking this is ridiculous, it's literally "in my head" because I started today. But then I remembered I had a soft start two days ago, and 4 of my last 6 meals have been compliant. So maybe it is a carb-fluish headache. I only realized this after thinking about walking this morning - this was the first time in ages that I was able to walk a mile without beginning to feel achy. I chalked that up to the immediate benefits of reducing inflammation by making a few small diet changes. This just speaks to how terrible my diet h
  11. I find that if I can get through 3 days, I'm usually able to keep going, so I'm hoping today is easier for you! It's the age old question of why do we want to turn to poor food items when we least need them? I've certainly never found that my stress levels lessened or that I've felt better after digging into a box of sugary whatnots, and yet I also tend to go to food to cope. And we KNOW this doesn't work!. * good advice, just saying I know your struggle. Good luck with the studying!
  12. In all honesty, the reason I wasn't planning to start until tomorrow was that I had a pint of Ben & Jerry's Pistachio ice cream in the freezer that I wanted to finish. Well, I finished it last night . I was also planning on making beef stroganoff for dinner tonight, which I can make compliant, but it's so much better with sour cream...I'll think on that as the day goes by. Regardless, I'm definitely in the mindset to start my next W30. I'm going to shoot for compliant M1 and M2 again today. I've taken the dog for the wake-up walk and written up my daily schedule. Today's plan in
  13. I need to do this next-my first step toward normalcy was to turn off my email notifications on my phone at the end of the workday. I'm moving toward ending at my normal time, just not there yet. And also working toward the mandatory lunch break, which is more likely to happen when I write a daily schedule. Thank you so much for the encouragement!! You are exactly right, we used to take lots of mini-breaks all day long, now it feels like I must be working every minute. That's good food for thought. Plus, I also hate having to talk on the phone!
  14. Congratulations on the house! I love the idea of only keeping clothes that "fit magnificently" - what a chore to be cleaning out, packing, moving but it sounds like you are embracing it whole-heartedly.
  15. Chicken salad is my go-to extra meal. I've been known to eat it at 2 am! I imagine it is tough to figure out the balance while nursing. The carrots with ginger powder sound delicious!
  16. I'm trying to catch up on others' logs, trying to find my place back here. I love reading everyone's stories and journeys. So many of us have similar struggles...I learn so much from my fellow W30ers. I made a good choice for breakfast this morning - eggs with banana scrambled in olive oil. And I just started a pot of water to poach chicken in order to make my old standby of chicken salad. It helps me to gear up to start, rather than to jump right in. Thursday is the day. I walked the dog first thing-one of my previous healthy habits that went by the wayside. I made my list
  17. Thank you for sharing your story! I'm returning after a 6 week hiatus, trying to catch up on everyone's journals...I was drawn in by your writing style. It sounds like you are really seeing the benefits of W30. I look forward to continuing to read your journey.
  18. I'm so glad to be back and see that you are here! i can count on coming to your posts for delicious meal ideas. The migraines, vertigo...for me the joint pain...we know what we need to do! A mid-day bath sounds like such a luxury, I love it! Soaking sore muscles...wrap your blisters up well and your next walk will hopefully be ok. I'm impressed by the number of miles you are covering in such a short period of time. Also, happy belated birthday!
  19. And I fell off the wagon - HARD. I kept telling myself I haven't strayed for very long, it won't take much to get back...6 weeks!!! I've been off for six weeks! Even longer, really, because the slide started before then. I'm not ready yet to read back over my last few posts. I need to get myself in a positive frame of mind. Returning to a greater than full work load, virtual school, was really hard. Exhausting. There were no brain cells left at the end of the day...did a day really even ever end? Looking back, it was such a nebulous blur. The skills that I had really worked on
  20. I'm just here. Going to start over tomorrow. I have so much good, nourishing food it would almost be impossible not to eat W30. And yet, I was derailed by Labor Day barbecue food, wine, and my mother-in-law's brownies...I made the choice to indulge. I have a date for a bike ride with a friend in an hour. I'll be back tomorrow ready for day 1 again.
  21. What Schrodinger said... I'll add that meal prep and clean-up may seem daunting after the initial excitement wears off, but it gets much, much easier. The forum and FB groups are excellent resources for how to find short-cuts, too. Welcome and good luck!
  22. There are so many mental games that I play with myself, the scale is just one. I used to think a daily weigh-in kept me in line, but it didn't-I often didn't weigh myself if I had eaten "bad" the day before. But those days that I did, and the scale went down despite the "bad" choices, oh the fun mental games with that scenario! This summer, my plan has evolved into working on self-honesty. Calling myself out and taking responsibility for stuff. It's ALWAYS my choice-no one force feeds me. Working on the all-or-none thinking. It's a process, for sure. Day 11 Mood-8, Energy-6,
  23. Another late day post...those of you that work such long hours, how do you even manage to eat one healthy meal, let alone several and get in exercise???? Day 10 Mood-8, Energy-6, Pain-0 It's been a good day, so much accomplished, and I solved a problem for 4 people who were all very grateful. I was able to shower, dress, and get breakfast at an appropriate time this morning, but then the day took off. Lunch...I was again just wanting to grab something. I'm struggling a little more with the cravings this time around, I'm not sure what that's about, maybe just being busy,
  24. Me, too. Quarantine...I remember reading something that said the way we are impacted by it is similar to how we live on our incomes. There are lots of people who make less money (have less resources during pandemic), but most people still live at the top of their means (are near their "wits-end" during the pandemic). Our own reality is so vastly different than what it has every been that to expect ourselves to grin and bear it and accept our lot as just the way things are without any grieving would be the same as expecting ourselves to carry on as normal in the face of financial deva