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  1. There are 3 things that I’ve had for the first time since starting whole30, one being a vanilla bean, which I scraped the centre out of, pumpkin and Italian seasoning. I’ve had all before, but it’s been a while. I didn’t have any significant amount of either of them; but the reaction was bad. Sadly I was meal prepping, so exposure to all 3 happened within a couple hours.
  2. I’m now on day 12 of my first Whole30 challenge. I had been following a paleo diet, so it’s not THAT much of a stretch for me. I apparently ate something yesterday that my body strongly disagrees with. I am severely gluten intolerant and it feels like a gluten reaction (including feet swelling) but I can’t think of anything that would be gluten containing, I haven’t eaten out and everything I cook at home is gluten free. Up to yesterday, I finally felt like things were starting to level out, but today I feel worse than when I started the challenge and don’t even know the cause. Do I start over?
  3. I have what is likely Celiacs, not worth getting tested at this point. I have been consistently gluten free for about 6 months. I’m still early in the program, but am wondering if it would be worth it to do the whole90. Is this something I should consider or just wait until I’m through the first 30 days and then go from there?