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  1. Hi all, I am on evening of day 8 and started due to severe IBS symptoms for a long time.. since starting my bloating and pain has pretty much gone (woohoo!) but tonight I had steamed salmon bought from shop (had salmon loads already) boiled broccoli (had before) and sweet potato(had loads of times) and I’ve had really bad bloating for the last three hours! It’s just like it used to be.. None of the food had ingredients lists so I have no idea what I’m reacting to. Has anyone else had this? could anyone suggest what it could be? Any help massively appreciated
  2. Hello can anyone help please.. I am on day 4 and stuck to everything 100%. The reason I started this journey is due to long term IBS symptoms. Due to this I was recommended by a few people (not GP) to try probiotics in tablet form as they have a lot more good bacteria in..I have just checked my pack and they contain soy I will stop them for the rest of the 30 but do I have to restart from today? I have read a lot of posts about restarting so not sure. I am so gutted as I have been really into it! The tablet in particular is Probiotic7 from Holland and Barrett it’s for g