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  1. So, on my day 3 today and this is the day I got that sugar hangover headache the book tells us about and foggy mind. Anyone else is having same symptoms? Oh, before starting this I had treats every evening and first evening went fine but my sweet tooth kicked in last night when I was tired and I grabbed those sweets but then forcefully put them down and went to read the book..
  2. Hey guys!! I'm also starting on the 1st!! I'm honestly terrified. I have a Hell and Back event on Saturday and that's the day I feel is going to be tough but the book said that that's not a good enough reason to post pone the start to a healthier self. I'm glad I found this forum because before when I told my friends and family that I'm starting something then something happened like injury or bad sleep and everything went downhill.. I reeeeally want to stick to this for the next 30 days