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  1. My pants were loose today. They were still my size 8s......but they were loose!!!!! HHHOOOORRRAAAYYYY!!!!
  2. Am I missing something....is this compliant? Finally an easy to find compliant bone broth!!
  3. Hi all! I started Oct 1st so I just finished the first week. I’ve found the entire process fun and not quite as hard as I thought it would be. The worst “side effect” was a four hour period of Kill All The Things on day 3 that was really weird/ugly/unpleasant. I find myself eating only 3 meals and staying full between meals. I’m actually starting to think I’m gaining weight??? Can that happen?? I’m eating more than I used to (I’d skip breakfast and snack my way through the afternoon) but I think my meals follow the guidelines: m1. Two poached eggs and 2 oz sausage over spinach w tomat
  4. Hi!!! I started my first Whole30 on Sept 30....planned Oct 1st but was excited so jumped in :-). Ummmmmmm I think I’m doing it wrong. The food is delicious (I’m mostly following Melissa’s book), I’m not tired, and except a four hour period of rage on day 3 I haven’t had any of the “timeline” feelings (no flu etc). Plus I’m never hungry. I’m afraid I’m eating too much??? I’m following the meal guide (5 oz of meat, tons of veggies and ~2 tbsp fat at each meal). Has anyone heard of someone GAINING weight on the program? I FEEL better so that is nice but good heavens, I need to lose 10 pounds n