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  1. I made this again today and did not have any chicken stock on hand. So I decided to use the water that I used to reconstitute my dried Shiitake mushroom as the base. Once my dried Shiitake mushrooms were nice and soft, I carefully poured the water it was in into a pot, leaving the bit of dirt at the bottom out. Sliced up the mushrooms mushroom and placed in pot with some coconut amino, salt and 3 cups of water ... got it to a slow boil. For the pork, I changed it up a bit: 1/2 lb (or more if you want it meaty) Ground Pork 2 tsp Salt 1 tsp white pepper 1/
  2. Hi Saber89. Thanks so much for trying this recipe. It looks like a long process but its really not that bad. I'm so glad you liked this recipe. I made this 3 times during my Whole30. Yes, the sprouts + enoki mushrooms are a perfect replacement for the noodles. Stay tuned as I'll be putting up more Whole30 Asian food recipe.
  3. Note that its 1/4 tsp sesame oil
  4. Thank you Amura. There are other Whole30 Ramen recipes out there, but none that mimicks the slurp of noodles. I know it's a bit of a SWYPO situation, but it's not actually creating noodles with the compliant ingredients. Yes, every culture has their own chicken stock. This one you can use for all sorts of base for Chinese soups, including egg drop, hot and sour. Real Japanese ramen is amazing. I have one more week on this Whole30 journey. I don't think I will have real Ramen for awhile after my 30 days are done. The noodles just have too much refined flour in them. The egg is r
  5. During my 2nd time around doing the Whole30, I found myself really missing RAMEN! I'm Asian and the no soy sauce or noodles was difficult the 1st time .... less so the 2nd time. But still, I wanted Ramen. I searched the internet for a Whole30 Ramen recipe and couldn't find one. So here it is. My Whole30 Ramen recipe. The soft enoiki mushroom and the crunchy bean sprouts are just enough of the right texture that good ramen noodles give. But its the unami stock (tofu/miso) taste that I was searching for and I think I found it with this recipe. Starting with THE STOCK. You can use a sto