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  1. here’s the shopping list for nightshades and egg free whole30. But you can of course use eggs as well.
  2. Hey @LAshley! I’m preparing to start whole30 soon too!! I did it once Blackmon September and o can’t wait to feel as amazing as I did back then!! Don’t worry about eggs, if you’re not usually sensitive to them it shouldn’t bother you! At least it didn’t bother me. About your concern with nightshades, there’s actually a PDF on Whole30 without nightshades... I’ll try to link it on here but if I can’t just type in nightshades and I’m pretty sure it’ll lead you to the whole30 shopping list... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It may be hard but the results are so worth it.
  3. Thank you @ladyshanny!! I didn’t even see this comment until now!!
  4. Hi there everyone! I finished my Whole30 last week and chose to reintroduce legumes on day 31. I ate black beans with lunch and then hummus and carrots for a snack. I felt fine the next two days after that. I didn’t want to reintroduce peanut butter on the legumes day because in the past i would always get a stomach ache after having it. But on the day I was supposed to reintroduce gluten-free grains i decided to give peanutbutter a try after all (which I’m not even entirely sure if that was ok... but I gave it two days) It did give me a slight stomach ache which was gone as fa