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  1. SheaRostan

    Starting October 28

    @Sullivan94547, @W30Redo, @CarolMarie We are here to help and support you! You can do this!
  2. SheaRostan

    Mid Life Crisis

    @REOakley Welcome to the Whole30! I'm so glad you've decided to start this journey! We are here to give you support, encouragement, and advice. You can do this!
  3. SheaRostan

    Reintroduction Day 3 observations...

    @TrustyMutsi It sounds like you're doing a great job being your own food detective! I love it! I definitely agree drinking caffeine later in the day can cause sleep disturbances, and further more, if you're not really missing caffeine, maybe there's no need to add it back at all. As far as food sensitivity reactions, you're definitely within that window to notice changes. Most people think if they don't feel any different within 15-20 minutes, then that food must not be a problem. I've found that a lot of people first develop symptoms 2-3 days after consuming a problematic food. Keep up the great investigative work!
  4. SheaRostan

    Tomato Avocado Salad

    @Mtnchica This sounds delicious! I can't wait to try this. I have all the ingredients on hand!
  5. SheaRostan

    Starting Oct 14, 2019

    @RunningForLife We are here to support you! Reach out with any questions or if you just need some motivation and cheerleading!
  6. SheaRostan

    R1D31!!! I did it! My thoughts on how it went...

    @TrustyMutsi, that's a great goal, listening to your body! It's amazing what we notice when we actually slow down. Congratulations on all of your results, way to go!
  7. SheaRostan

    introducing myself to whole30

    We are here to support you @JUJU1!
  8. Hi @TrustyMutsi! Great job on completing the Whole30 . Try drinking a sugary fruit juice later on today, and then at dinner having some honey on a sweet potato. You can also add honey or maple syrup to some of the fruit you've been consuming during your Whole30! Hope this helps!
  9. SheaRostan

    Reintruction while sick

    Hey Emily, I always recommend going without a food for at least two weeks before reintroducing it to test for a sensitivity! Hope this helps!
  10. SheaRostan

    Cholesterol - bringing down the numbers....

    Hi Paul, Have you tried increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you're eating? Do you seem to be eating more, less, or the same since you started Whole30?
  11. Hi Marmar, I would definitely consult your doctor about your symptoms, and make sure you're drinking plenty of water. Do you feel like you're adequately hydrated?