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  1. Yes yes yes! I am excited to start another W30 tomorrow. I think that the structure of the W30 will help to restore a sense of control in a world that is currently spiraling out of same.
  2. W30 day 3 has dawned. Feeling focused and motivated... a nice way to start the day. Yesterday was quite the day at work. ~10 hours of meetings, and then 2-3 hours of work to complete the absolutely-must-do deliverables. The point for me isn't about the amount of time at work, but about the effects of a stressful environment. As the day went on, and my to-do list was growing, I knew for certain that my stress levels were rising. What surprised me, however, was late in the afternoon I had thoughts of giving up, turning to carbs and old habits that I'm working so hard to change. I'm
  3. Happy W30 Day 1 (to those of us starting 10/28). Looking forward to honoring this commitment to myself again (this will be my second successful W30... already planning on success with no option for slips)!
  4. Also starting on the 28th. Looking forward to the support and accountability. Just enough time to complete the W30 before T-day!