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  1. I'm still going strong, just an insane work week and I want nothing to do with a computer by the evening, lol. Today is Day 16 - just 2 more weeks to go, but other than an occasional, manageable desire for cheese or sour cream, I am doing fine. had a potential bump in the road yesterday as I did something to my knee and ended up in orthopedic urgent care for severe pain and a near inability to walk. Fortunately the xrays look normal, swelling was not severe, everything is in place and not moved in any odd spots (ie kneecap) and there is nothing to indicate an issue other than the ligam
  2. Day 10 My son ate my last salmon cake from last night.. for breakfast!!!! LOL.. Today was a meal prep day so I just made more, lol Breakfast eggs/spinach/mushrooms/tomato coffee.... allllllways coffee Lunch: piece of chicken in ghee (small piece) lemon chicken over cauliflower rice kalamata olives mid afternoon - salmon cake - fresh out of the oven Dinner: steak with pan roasted potatoes in ghee sliced cucumbers mixed fruit with coconut cream
  3. Day 9 I am converting my 12yr old son, slowly but surely,lol. He is learning that 2 veggies with dinner is not the end of the world, and whole foods, not additives or sugar does not mean tasteless! Tonight I made baked salmon cakes and he went back for more. Added to that he had some of my healthy mayo with it, turned up his nose at the first thought, tried it.. then asked if I was making more ( scraping the sides of the container). Not bad for 9 days in, lol. Breakfast: eggs scrambled with sauteed spinach, diced tomatoes and mushrooms. Seasoned with salt, pepper, onion salt, and d
  4. Day 8 Pain levels staying steady, but still better than when i started. Breakfast: eggs with shredded chicken, squash, and mushrooms coffee - black mid morning: coffee with nutpods lunch: Tossed salad salmon (small piece) chimichurri sauce chicken salad - yeah.. i usually do leftovers for lunch, lol Dinner: half a handful of almonds 2 cups homemade bone broth with mushrooms and green onions Hiatal hernia has been sore alllllll day and I'm just not up to eating anything for dinner
  5. I was recently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia after multiple episodes of extreme pain in my right upper abdomen. Such fun. I had started taking chewable gas-x prior to the whole 30 and that helped keep bloating at bay to prevent the stomach going up thru the diaphram. Obviously that is not an option now, and i didn't think too much about it. Until last night ( day 7 of whole30) lol. I had eaten dinner, not a huge meal, but had also finished 2 VERY large glasses of water close together. I was playing Jenga with my son and started laughing and BAM! welcome back hernia. silly me KNEW t
  6. congrats!! this is awesome and how great to hear about all the things you learned without your weight being a focus You are on such a great path for continues success - even with the choc cake and wine in one weekend - BUT just remember thats fine in reintroduction. You may not enjoy it as much.. you may enjoy it lots and be fine with any consequences. The important thing is that you have learned so much and had a great experience
  7. Day 7 - end of week 1 pain levels are ehh. not as good as the other day, but we are having some damp, cold, raw Fall weather so that may be playing a part. I dont expect a miracle cure the first week, I'm happy with the pain reduction I do have. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sauteed spinach, diced tomatoes taco seasoned chicken coffee mid morning: 10 almonds lunch: eggs baked in tomato sauce ( Whole30 compliant sauce) mango/pineapple chunks 1/2 avocado Coffee tons of sparkling water at work today. 24oz bottles (refillable) and a bottle of reg water at lunch
  8. Day 6 So, pain levels up a little...most likely from the extra walking yesterday. My son is starting to eat more veggies along with me, mild miracle, lol Breakfast: Eggs with spinach and tomatoes Butternut squash sauteed in ghee mid morning: 1 apple, yesterday i had a couple of dizzy spells and i realized each time was about 5 hours away from the time i last ate. So far today, no dizzy spells Lunch: sweet potato taco seasoned chicken ( homemade taco seasoning) plum tomato 1/2 avocado Mid afternoon: 1 cup bone broth - homemade Dinner 2 cups green leaf
  9. Day 5 - Today I walked to work!!! I live about a half mile away from my company, and it was a day i was due to be in the office ( i work from home and in the office) I had some low back pain that radiated down the backs of my legs (all the way thru the calves, it's so frustrating) but it wasnt bad. Some increased knee pain when getting up from a sitting position, but not terrible and by lunch it had eased. Walked a little at lunch, then walked home. this is huge progress for me with this pain i've been dealing with. breakfast: eggs with tomato and spinach the last of the steak bite
  10. yay!!! reach out if you need a motivational boost. This may not be easy.. but will be worth it.
  11. Day 3 Pain levels still down.. whooooo hooooooooooo!!! Stairs are still a slight issue.. but overall pain is down! Breakfast:2 eggs in ghee, leftover meatloaf and potato from last nights dinner. Ate the eggs and only a few bites of potato/ meatloaf Lunch: Sweet potato topped with chicken tossed in homemade mayo and whole30 safe hot sauce butternut squash with ghee and salt Dinner Sweet potato topped with whole 30 buffalo chicken coffee and tea here and there thru the day. I had a class tonight and one of my classmates brought in donuts for everyone, and i
  12. thanks - how is your first day going?
  13. Day 3: Pain level legs/knees.. 1-2!!!!!!!!! Most of today i have been getting up and sitting back down without even thinking of the pain in my knees. I've had to stand for more than 30 minutes, and while i had some pain.. it wasn't bad. Oh please, oh please, oh please let this be a good sign that this elimination diet is working to reduce inflammation this fast. Pain level thumb/wrist - about the same, but less sudden sharp pains. Breakfast: 3 slices roast pork/ 3 eggs/diced tomatoes 4 kalamata olives Ghee and a little mayo as i was low on ghee 1 cup coffee Lunc
  14. Day 2 - lesson learned - 15 min to edit a post.. oops, lol. Now keeping a list of foods eaten on a sticky note. Pain level legs/knees - the usual,4-5 when sitting or lying down (trying to stay off my legs this weekend), 6 or so when moving to stand and the first few steps. thumb/wrist -fewer instense pains, wore the brace i have for this ( Dequervains syndrome) which usually helps it to calm down, mostly a level 2 today, not bad. I had a rough nights sleep and was up at 5:30. Dealt with the pain for a few hours and finally took some advil, have some relief now. I was a
  15. Day 1 Pain levels being tracked as well as this is one of my primary goals of this program: Pain level: legs/knees: 4, achy more than anything, 5-6 in knees when standing, but goes back to a 4 Right thumb/wrist: 8 when moved the wrong way, 2-3 ache all other times Breakfast: 1 Cup black coffee 4 eggs with 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, cooked in 1TBSP of Ghee Mid morning, not a snack - just a couple of hours after breakfast: 1 Cup black coffee Lunch: tossed salad ( romaine, cucumbers) and balsamic vinegar only 2 eggs, soft boiled Dinner: Roast Pork Loin a