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    Be careful with Chipotle

    In fairness to the cashier, she may not have been familiar with the food prep workflow. However, I spoke with two different staff members and while they made me a new lunch (with carnitas this time) I don’t think either grasped the significance of substituting a product without telling the customer. I also reported this to Chipotle support, and their response was basically “our employees are supposed to make guests feel welcome, and let us send you a coupon for a free item.” In both instances, I tried to express, sure I got the wrong order and that’s a bummer — nobody wants to get the wrong order, but that’s easily fixable. The bigger issue is that Chipotle markets a product as being compliant with very specific food restrictions, and there’s clearly nothing in place to ensure the integrity to the product. That’s a problem bigger than my messed-up lunch.
  2. neal

    Be careful with Chipotle

    This was the Dobbin Road location in Columbia Md.
  3. If, like me, you were thrilled by this information, Watch out — I ordered the carna asada whole30 bowl today, sat down to eat it, and found they gave me steak instead of carne asada. I took it to the counter, and they told me they subbed it because they were out of carne asada. Beyond the fact that they subbed a less-expensive item, there’s also the issue of the cooking oil. I mentioned that it’s not appropriate to sub steak for carne asada, because of the cooking oil; they may have customers with food allergies or sensitivities who are dependent on the distinction between the two. The clerk told me they use the same cooking oil for all the meat, so it won’t be a problem. So on one hand, that’d be fantastic if all meat were Whole30 compliant, but I don’t think that’s the implication of her comment — sounds to me like some locations just don’t take the distinction seriously, so they don’t bother. Really bad form for Chipotle to promote this if they can’t deliver it.