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  1. Ha! Typed up yesterday's entry, but never submitted. Day 23. Tuesday, December 3. Felt upbeat today. Woke up a little earlier than normal, that was great, too. No restless legs M1: salmon, butternut, cabbage, walnuts M2: Paleo Zuppa Toscana M3: 4 hour salad
  2. Day 22. Monday, December 2. First day back at work after 2 weeks PTO/holiday. Didn’t really get a chance to eat, but wasn‘t that hungry, either. Nice change from the first week when I was starving all the time! They moved our holiday party to this week, dang it. One of the considerations when I started Whole30 was that it would be over before the holiday party. That’s a bummer, but I guess it works out for my diet. If I had known about the date change before Thanksgiving, I might have thrown in the towel. But since I’ve come thus far, I might as well go all the way. Legs weren’t
  3. @whole30_not_rocket _science have you tried this and is it good? It sounds good! Let me know- I may want to try this when my Whole30 is done.
  4. Day 20. Saturday, November 30. When I was first starting, a lot of my mental energy went into thinking about the program, and it was easier to journal. I actually really like doing this, which is funny, It is one of those activities that is recommended for a 'happy' life, like sleep, giving, meditation. I never tried journaling because I disliked keeping a diary when I was young, but it is very different as an adult. Regardless, I am noticing that because the diet is not in my head as much, I don't remember to come into the forum until I am getting ready for bed, and I am tired. This does
  5. I really like your if/then and emergency food planning. Smart!
  6. Day 19. Friday, November 29. I opened up the forum last night to post, but I was just so tired, I decided to go to sleep instead. Posting this the 11/30. Traveled home after the holiday, did a walking tour that covered about 5.5 miles, had to perform a rather involved favor for my roommate that took a couple of hours. The schedule did not allow a lot of down-time, so eating opportunities were limited. I had breakfast at 12, lunch at 7, dinner at 10. My first noticeable NSV: I was expecting my hip to hurt after that tour and to limp for a few days, but feeling pretty good. Maybe a 1 o
  7. Day 18. Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving) Busy family day. Cold seems nearly entirely gone. M1: salmon and avocumato jumble M2: 4-hour salad and twice-baked potato (eaten in two meals) M3: not too much at the Thanksgiving table I could eat. I had thought I would be able to at least have turkey, but that was cooked with butter. Potatoes, cauliflower, sugar free tomato sauce.
  8. The Creamy Tuscan chicken: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/creamy-tuscan-chicken-paleo-whole30-keto/ The Savoy chicken was an amalgamation of several recipes that were pretty similar, but I’ll have to look for my notes once I am back home. Tell me more about the ginger for stuffiness! I will look at magnesium again at the end of the thirty days!
  9. Day 17. Wednesday, November 27. Never posted last night, getting this in now. I looked information about restless legs and magnesium, and found this in a Healthline article: <start >Foods with magnesium You can add more magnesium-rich foods to your diet. Foods rich in magnesium include: dark greens like chard, spinach, and kale nuts and seeds, including pumpkin and squash seeds fish like mackerel and tuna beans and lentils avocados bananas low-fat and non-fat dairy, including yogurt <end> I realized that I was
  10. Fantastic! There is a Whole Foods near work, so I will definitely look for that topical magnesium, thanks! I don’t have homemade chicken stock, but I have been drinking chicken bone broth. One never really knows for sure, but I think it has helped because my symptoms are lighter than usual.
  11. Day 16. Tuesday, November 26. @littleg I will have to look into the magnesium, thanks! The leg thing actually was pretty irritating last night when I was trying to go to sleep. I had to get up and stretch my calves a bit. I think the exercise had been helping, but because I haven’t the last few days (hip, travel and not feeling well), it started acting up again. I also have not been remembering to make my entries until right before bed, so what with wanting to sleep and typing on an iPad instead of a regular keyboard, it definitely keeps the entries shorter. Today was an under t
  12. Day 15: Monday, November 25. Not feeling great today. Morning started with mild pounding in the back of the head, stuffy nose, fatigue. Evolved into sore throat and just low energy. M1: salad smoothie M2: last of Mexi-bowl w avocado. Ate this in two sittings. M3: creamy Tuscan chicken. Twice baked potato. A little tomato & cucumber. Two handfuls trail mix. Other: 15 minute meditation
  13. Day 14: Saturday, November 24. Still light-headed; mostly happens upon standing. I have had this before and needed to watch my iron intake, but I have been very good about taking an iron supplement. I assume the current episodes are from blood sugar levels. Not sure whether to be pleased, as that could indicate weight loss, or to be concerned that usual supplementation is not helping. Some more rage- same situation. This should fade with time. Pulled out the app on my phone to breathe it out. Trying to finish up some food before heading out to see family tomorrow. Will be cookin
  14. @Amura Thanks for the reply! Bubble & squeak has ham and bacon, so lots of protein and fat there, although not necessarily enough for the day, it’s true. The salad smoothies have kale (this is the only way I can consume kale, I really don’t like to actually eat it), spinach, parsley, total of about 1.5 servings fruit (strawberries and blueberries), pumpkin seeds, cacao, spirulina and turmeric. (It used to have wheat germ and molasses for vitamin E and iron, but I had to modify for Whole30). This really doesn’t have any good protein- I usually eat two hard boiled eggs with it, but
  15. Day 13: Saturday, November 23. I had some conflicts today. Really wanted to throw in the towel and just get drunk. Because everything sucks just a little too often and no one will know. Spent some time reading the internet to talk myself down from that ledge, and then spent some time reading about overcoming food cravings to walk away from that precipice as well. I’m still in it, baby. Noticed feeling a little lightheaded and cold (at 79 degrees), so I guess I have not consumed enough calories lately. Will have to watch that. M1: salad smoothie M2: bubble & squeak