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  1. Kristanzak

    Feeling AWFUL after cheating

    Thank you. I think it must have been the sugar in the cocktails, because I wasn’t drinking straight whiskey. And because I didn’t feel well, I didn’t eat much the next day, which probably made things worse. I only started feeling better today after I got some food (and some healthy fats) into me.
  2. I was 12 days in to Whole30 (and feeling great!) and had a planned cheat night for Xmas drinks with my BFF. I didn’t eat off plan, but had several whiskey cocktails...and had the WORST hangover of my entire life the next day. (And this is not typical for me.) It took a full day to recover physically, and even two days later, I am not feeling quite right. Is this a normal experience? I’m used to having a headache after a night out if I don’t drink enough water, but NOT used to vomiting, the full-body death feeling, etc.