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  1. Hey Kacie! Congratulations on your little one! This is my first whole 30 and I plan on starting January 1st as well. We can do this!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Jess! I just printed it out! Good luck! Have you seen the most recent post on Whole 30's instagram about the January Whole 30 command center? I just made mine and I am thinking it will help us get through and stick to our goals!
  3. Thank you, I hope I am too! My husband is going to do Whole 30 with me, although I doubt he will be as strict when he is away from the house
  4. Perfect! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  5. Thank you! This might be a dumb question, but where can I find this meal template?
  6. Good morning, everyone! I am Shelby. I am 26 and from South Georgia. My husband and I married in April of this year, and we have a four year old, four legged baby, Zoey, who is a blue heeler/beagle mix. After much internal debating, I believe I am ready to start Whole 30. I plan on starting January 1st. I am nervous, but excited. I am doing this because I have zero self control. If I have one brownie, I might as well eat the whole pan, or one drink on Friday night turns into several and a hangover. Since I was a kid, I have always binged ate when I was stressed out or to celebrate any an