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  1. Place lemon slices in a pot of water, then bring to a boil. Add thawed raw shrimp and watch for them to turn pink and curl up on themselves -- 5 minutes or less. Immediately remove them from the hot water and plunge them into some ice water. Refrigerate. They make a way better grab and go snack than celery sticks!
  2. In January 2014 I completed my first Whole30. It was the first time I ever stuck with a diet protocol to the "end," and although I didn't do all the things -- I didn't work out, I cheated and weighed in a couple of times, I indulged in a few technically-compliant treats, etc. -- it changed my life and my relationship with food. For about the next five years I did a lot of n=1 experimenting. I didn't get thin, but my health got better and better. Then, in February 2019 I admitted to my doctor that I was frustrated with my very slow weight loss (about 15 pounds total in all those years